Monday, April 09, 2007

We Survived

That's about all I can say about my Easter weekend.

They came, she didn't criticize too much, they left.

And tonight, I get to go home, and let the house get messy and watch bad TV and let the dogs lick my son's face and all of those things that I usually do that are frowned upon by my mother.

Little Man got spoiled rotten and found many a egg sitting around the living room. He was particularly excited when he broke one open and realized that they were filled with pastel-colored M&M's. I don't if life can be any better than be 19 months old and realize that someone decided to leave chocolate all over your freaking living room.

I will post tomorrow with pictures of my Easter table. It was so gorgeous, I wept a little. And somewhere, Martha Stewart was banging her head thinking of how she'll steal my idea for next year's Easter issue of her magazine.

Yeah, it was that good.

My mother spent most of her time at my house looking for stuff she'd given me in the past that I either don't have anymore for a reason or another (like an ugly fluorescent top she gave me for my birthday two years ago that I never wore and think I finally gave to charity last month. Wouldn't you know it, my mother remembers the damn top and asks me to give it back to her if I don't like it so that one of my sisters can leave it in their closet to gather dust for the next two years.

Who the hell remembers that they gave someone a top two years ago?

My mother, of course.

And then she asked me where the bear she gave Little Man when he was born is. I told her that it was in a box in the attic, it was retired with a bunch of other toys we put away last weekend. I should have been smart and realized that my mother would want to know where the damn 20 dollar bear was. But I'm not smart like that. I'm surprised she didn't get on me for pooping out the dinner she bought us on Friday night.

Because I'm ungrateful that way.




random_mommy said...

you're back!!! how i missed you!
give her a turd for xmas.

tami said...

Your mom and my mom were totally seperated at birth. Seriously.

Kellie said...

Your Mom and my future MIL were seperated at birth...drives me in-freakin-sane!!

Glad you survived...

Sam said...

Wow, your Easter weekend sounds like mine.
I have a nineteen month old too :o)

Beccy said...

I thought giving birth made us lose our memory, is it that when are children become teenagers we start to remember everything?

Btw my email address is

Elle said...

OMG LOL your mom is nuts!!!! I would have told her your retinas detached trying to look at the shirt. My MIL gives us awful things; but never asks where they are. I personally thinks she gives us them just because she's crafty and wants us to hate them.

Rachel said...

I'm glad to see you have survived and apparently no one was killed or injured, right?

What must Little Man have been thinking finding all those eggs with candy in them, lol!

Julie said...

I can't believe you shat out her dinner - you ungrateful daughter! : )

Oh, and Emily discovered the same thing as Little Man - m&ms in the eggs. She's hooked now.