Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This Will Show Nancy From 8th Grade...

It's happened people.

I'm finally a somebody. This is where every single one of my issues and childhood insecurities will resurface.

Because this blogging thing? It's totally junior high. All over again.

There's the popular group. And they're kind of snooty and they have advertisers and they get to stay at home all day and do squat while the rest of us write blog entries and stalk our comments section hoping somebody will comment.

And I'm smart enough to realize that I will never be part of that popular group. And the thing is? I don't think I want to be. Because really, that brings way more attention than I want and weird people downloading the pictures of my son and nasty comments about my life choices, because some people have trouble realizing that a blog? It's a space for personal thoughts. And if you don't like those thoughts? You actually have the option to not read them. And to read one of the other 300 million blogs available.

And also? I'm not sure I want to be talking to Matt Lauer about my pooping issues after I've written about them. My boss asking me how my doctor's visit on Thursday went was quite awkward enough, thank you very much.

And the other thing? The people I've met so far online aren't the most popular people necessarily either. Some of them get 20+ comments a day. Others get two or three. And so even though none of us are discussing buying custom H2's with our blog addresses stitched in the rabbit fur headrests with our blog profits, I don't care. Because really? This is one of the coolest groups I've ever been a part of. And now that I'm no longer 13, I understand the importance of knowing really, really great people, rather than be part of the popular crowd.

All of this long-windedness stems from the fact that today, Kellie got really, really drunk, or fell down and hit her head really, really hard, or else developed some kind of weird diseas, like on that TV Show House that's made her mind think that lame people like me are funny.

Whatever happened to her has caused her to give me one of these.

And so I'd like to thank Kellie's tequila, head injury or weird disease first.

I realize that it's not really a huge award. Kind of like that time I won Mom of the Month for my Mom and Baby Fitness class.

But the overachiever in me who needs to be recognized everytime she breathes or farts (sometimes at the same time) doesn't care. It's an award! And it's mine! All mine!

Well, mine and the other 300 million people who received the award before me. But none of that matters now. I will stroke that alien skull head logo lovingly and polish it and think back to those days when I wrote this blog and no one, absolutely no one read it. Except for Martini Gal. Who I'd link to, but her blog no longer exists because the evil people got to her.

And so now, I get to nominate five people, which is hard to do, because really? Almost everyone on my blog roll has actually received this award before. But here we go, here are the five people I will nominate, who I think are like me and love any kind of awards too.

But first, the rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ button

So now, for my nominees, and once again, I'd like to say that this is really hard. Because really, most of you have already won it. Which really says that I have excellent taste in blogs! And since I can only name five people, I feel really horrible leaving anyone out. And please don't think that I love these five more than you. This is totally a blogger version of Sophie's choice... And some of you have asked for your blogs to be kept off the blogroll, so I'm not nominating them in order to not link to them...you know who you are! :)

1. Random Mommy: Where to begin? She's one of the few bloggers who I know in person and who I knew as a person before I knew her as a blogger. I think she is one of the funniest people online. No one else can write about child rearing, self-love or the craziness of Alabama like her. She always makes me laugh. And my son loves her son and someday, they'll be throwing dollar bills at strippers while high-fiving each other. And as long as it's with Buddha, I won't care.

2. Jempress: She is so totally different than me. For one thing, she is the freaking nicest person ever. Seriously, if you ever meet her, try to get her to say something mean. I'll give you my second-born if you can. OK, maybe not the actual baby. How about you settle for the placenta? Also, her and her husband are starting a church. And yet, she is the least preachy person you'll ever meet. She doesn't ever get in your business or tell you how to run your life. She's currently trying to become a counsellor, despite having one of the cutest 18 month-olds you'll ever meet. And let me tell you, anyone who's lucky enough to have Jempress help you work through your issues can only be changed for the better. If there's anyone who can leave this world feeling that they've made it a better place, it's her.

3. Beebop-aloobop: She found me first. I commented about poop (surprise, surprise) on another blog and then she commented on mine. And I fell for her hard, because girlfriend is freaking hysterical. And who said blondes aren't smart, because she is wickedly sharp. And she snagged herself one hottie. And hot men are always food for thought. Plus, she was at a really, really horrible job and instead of complaining about it for months, she blogged about it one day, and the following week, had herself a new job. In my next life, I want to be her, because really, she rocks!

**** Update So apparently Gerbil also nominated me for this award last month. I don't understand how I missed that post, considering I read her every day. But enough to say that being nominated by two different people now makes me feel like I could totally bring back bicycle shorts under mini dresses, or very tall bangs. Because that's the kind of power cool people have. Good thing I'm looking through people's older posts to make sure they haven't been nominated before. But I want to say: Gerbil? Thanks so much for the honor. To have my long-lost twin reach out to me like this, well, it's too much to take, really. ****

4. Emma in Canada: Emma will tell you that she's not funny. Or that she's boring. But really? She's full of crap. She's hysterical and she has four kids. And last month, she thought she might be having a fifth. She was one of the first bloggers who began regularly commenting on my blog and she opened up a whole new world to me by "introducing" me to so many other great bloggers who now read me.

5. Dribble & Drool: Apparently only moms blog... Or so it would seem from my nominations. This nomination is funny to me, because I don't even remember who found who first. But the first time I read her blog, she'd posted post-Katrina pictures after her husband went down to help rebuild. And I was hooked. She has heart, she's a great mother who ponders whether to start standing in line at 6:30 in the morning for kindergarten regisration when it's 10 below out, plus, she has fantastic taste in shoes and proudly buys Jessica Simpson shoes (even though she swears it was accidental).




Elle said...


Kellie said...

I swear I didn't fall, get drunk or anything else!! I *fluffy pink heart* you :)

When I started reading blogs, I wanted to be one of the "cool" blogger chicks that has advertisers and makes mad money writing. But, really? I don't want to. I've commented a few times on the bigger blogs and feel like an idiot doing so. They're obviously way too big for a little chick like me. I'll keep my sad little blog with it's few comments...it's quality not quantity that counts and dammit....we count :)

random_mommy said...

nancy was a whore.

your poop rocks.

wanna know what's crazy? the thought of LM and Buddha at a strip club giving high-fives, gives me the warm & fuzzies... is that weird?

thank you! i'll find some bizarro way to get you back!

beebop said...

any girl who can write about their own poop problems is #1 in my book!

beebop said...

and Nancy was a whore. and now she's fat. stupid nancy.

Julie said...

Well aren't you sweet?! And the Jessica Simpson shoes were an accident - I swear.

I heard Nancy's husband left her for the nanny.

And thanks for stealing my next post - I just got back from the Hummer dealer. My custom H2 finally came in - hahaha. Are 24 inch rims too much? (Yes, I also watch PIMP MY RIDE)

jesse said...

Congrats to you and the ladies you nominated.

Emma in Canada said...

Aw thanks. But in my totally junior high way as I was reading your piece on beebop I said "It was me!!! I was that other blog!" and since beebop doesn't actually read me that much (or at all) I also have other junior high reactions where I say "Am I not good enough for beebop?" Yeah, I'm totally calling her out. In, again, a very junior high way.

And all those question marks? That's so vey that chick! Who tells me I totally borrowed totally from her. You know like a blogger when you start writing like her or stealing her words.

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your award! You deserve it! I totally love your blog. I don't remember how I found you, but I think it was from Kellie!

Beccy said...

I keep reading about people who didn't get this award and feel really bad, I wanted to nominate everybody. In fact I wish I'd gone ahead and broken all the rules and nominated y'all. I was never ms popular at school and like to push the boundaries more than a bit!

I'm sorry I didn't nominate you, please forgive me because I love you blog.

(Have I sucked up enough)?

That Chick Over There said...

You guys are all awesome!!

jempress said...

awww, you almost made me tear up - you're awesome! thanks for the award, and i'll post soon. I want to see your youtube video too, i'm so sad i missed the playdate. can you send me the link - i want to be overwhelmed with cuteness too :)

Kurt said...

Congrats, funny-girl! I'm honored to be nominated with someone as obviously fun and witty as you!

beebop said...

just so you know emma, I was a total bitch in junior high school...and it didnt end there...but i do read your blog, i am a just a lazy cow and dont comment enough.
stay fresh,