Friday, April 13, 2007

Redefining the Word "Emergency"

So I've talked about this before. A few months ago, right after I started working here, Sweetie Pie found the credit card bills and realized what a big ginormous hole I'd put us in. So he took all of my credit cards away from me, the way you'd take cocaine away from a drug addict.

But he did leave me one, "for emergencies only" he said.

So for the past five months, every cent I've made that didn't go to our bills went to the credit card companies, and I'm now halfway there to getting us out of debt. This is a feat equivalent to filling half the Grand Canyon using only your spit.

As far as amazing feats go, this is probably one of them. And with the nice tax return we'll be getting in about three weeks, I'll be able to reduce our remaining debt by another half and if Sweetie Pie gets the bonus he's expecting this month, we'll be completely out of debt.

But the other day, I kind of, sorta, a little teeny bit added to our debt. Kellie will probably understand this better than anyone else out there. I went to Target.

You see, when I went to a Target last weekend, I fell in love. The kind of love that makes your heart leap into your throat, and angels begin to sing and The Carpenters' songs play in a constant, yet non-irritating, loop.

I saw a suit. But calling it just a suit seems oh-so-wrong, because it was so much more than that. Calling it just a suit is like calling Paul Walker just an attractive blonde guy.

I saw the suit and I had to have it. It was designed by Isaac Mizrahi, who's Canadian by the way. And it's cute, it's seersucker, with 3/4 sleeves and it's just more gorgeous than anything I currently own. And it was affordable, in the way that Target could take the Hope Diamond and make it such an incredible deal that you'd have to buy two, because really, how often can you buy the Hope Diamond?

But that Target location was out suits in my size! Target obsessors like Kellie, who stalk the truck and visit there regularly had apparently already gotten their grubby paws on my suit!

But I didn't despair, shopping lovers! I spent my lunch earlier this week at another Target, where I not only found my suit, but three tops to go under the suit.

And a pair of black pants. Because I only have three pairs of those. And these were on sale. And they make my butt look like it could potentially belong on Jennifer Aniston, so I had to buy them.

And I bought four other tops. Because they were all really good deals. And because I really don't have a summer wardrobe for work. And the dress code specifically states that we are not to show up naked.

So really, what choice did I have?

And so as the nice cashier at Target scanned in my clothes, complimenting me on every piece I'd bought, which only cemented my belief that I was indeed doing the right thing, I confidently held my bank card. Until the amount passed 100 dollars. And then it passed 150 dollars. And then it got to 200 dollars.

And that's when I knew that the credit card had to come out. Because I wasn't getting paid until today. And really, we're not the kind of people who have hundreds of dollars sitting around. We're the kind of people who have to pour every single spare dime into the credit card debt so that we're living paycheck to paycheck.

And so if Sweetie Pie asks any of you, please explain to him that finding a suit in your size and there's only one left consists of an emergency.

For the record, I wore the suit the other day and I looked freaking hot. I looked like I'm professional and if those "What Not to Wear" people saw me, they'd hug me and ask me to help spread my fashion sense.

I love you Target!




That Chick Over There said...

Well of COURSE that was an emergency! Duh! I mean, you gotta have clothes right? What does he want you to run around NUDE? That's not good for your career.

Kellie said...

Stalk the Target truck? Who says I've done that??!! Just because the Target distribution center is about 15 minutes from my house doesn't automatically mean I know my seven local crackhouses get replenished on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. :)

Tell Sweetie Pie to e-mail me. I will SO get him to see that it was a true emergency...any girl knows if you find something you *fluffy pink heart* in your size, you buy it now..NOW I SAY!! No telling when the other Target vultures will swoop in.

And, really? It's more than just the clothes being in your size. It's the fact that you make them look good on you AND that you feel good about yourself. THAT is SO worth it!! :)

Elle said...

Oh boy, I just got an emergency card too. My emergencies are not apparently my husband's definition of emergencies. He just doesn't know how serious it is that I have nice shoes this spring.

Jesse said...

Sometimes you just have to break down and buy an outfit, especially if it's the last one in your size. Luckily for me David has a harder time controlling his spending splurges.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Uh...I just stopped by to say Hello.

I am so afraid to comment on this one......

Jodie said...

Oh man...LMBO (because obviously, I don't say "A", so substitute the B for butt, and there ya go.) Anyway - that was so an emergency. And had I been there, I would have informed you that kind of emergency also requires some type of necklace or earrings, yes, most definitely.

I looooovvvvveeee Target.

Julie said...

Of course it was an emergency - a fashion emergency!

Rachel said...

LMAO! Target is always an emergency! Always. And, ahem, where are the pics of these emergency clothes??

Sam said...

I agree with Rachel, We need pics of these beautiful clothes!! :o)

Beccy said...

I am SO jealous.

I once had the pleasure of spending an hour and a half in Target, could have done with a day and a half but you can buy a lot in the hour and I only had so much room in me suitcase.

That's the biggest emergency around.

Alyssa said...

That sounds like most of my trips to target. I have also spent $700 on my Banana Republic card this month. But really I am eraning points so I am saving money right?