Friday, April 20, 2007

More Interview Questions...

I know celebrities complain all the time about being interviewed, but really? I would do this all day every day. Because talking about myself is right up there in stuff I love, next to chocolate and rainbows and the smell of a (clean) baby's head.

So I also volunteered on That Chick Over There's blog to answer more questions.

And here they are. And those of you who volunteered for questions, I saw bwa-haha to you! I'll be sending you questions this afternoon. Except for Beebop, who's email I don't have, so drop me a line at girlfriend for your personalized questions.

OK, here goes!

1) If you could meet anyone on your blogroll who would you choose and why?

That is such a freaking hard question! Because really? I don't blogroll anyone who I don't like. And I have "met" more cool women in the past year with this blog than I probably have in my entire life. So I choose them all. And how I accomplish this is by winning the lottery and taking you all to Bermuda. Or Hawaii. Or oooh! We could stay at that ice hotel in Quebec, so that we don't have to whine about wearing a bathing suit. I'll bring the chocolate.

2) You are suddenly a unicorn. Do you prance around majestically or impale evil things first? Why?

I would totally prance around majestically, after looking up all the people who were so mean to me in high school. And I'd be all "oh, what's that? I'm majestic and out of a fairy tale? Yeah, like, I know." And then when they'd ask me to grant them three wishes, I'd say that I don't feel like it.

Wait, do unicorns grant wishes? Is that leprechauns?

3) You are given top secret information at work. This information has the potential to seriously harm others, including people you love. Do you tell? Why or why not?

And here I thought I worked for a technology company that no one can explain what they do... Who knew it was that powerful!

Well, I'm not the best secret keeper, I'll be honest. I'll do well the first week or so, but eventually I just retain the information, and not that it's a secret. My brain can only retain so much information, people!

And if it's going to harm others, well, I don't think I want to work for that company. I mean I don't care how good the pay is, you don't mess with the peeps I love. But I think the people I'd tell would be 60 Minutes, because then, I'd be a whistle blower and become famous and write a book about it and then not have to worry about never getting a job again because I spilled the beans.

4) What places have you lived (you can be general about this if you want) and which was your favorite? Why?

General? Ok, I lived on planet Earth the whole time, in this corner and that corner.

What? Too general?

Ok, well this will be the world's longest blog entry, because I've lived in a lot of places, because I'm a hobo.

No, not really.

Because my dad is in the hotel industry and has a short attention span and would look for a new challenge halfway around the world about every two years. I'm pretty certain he's the one I inherited this from.

So here's everywhere I lived:

- Born in France
- Moved to Montreal at 3
- Then to Ottawa 3 years
- Then back to France (Paris, that time)
- Then Tahiti (yeah, the island with the beaches, and the water, and the pina coladas. Except I was 9. Which meant I was bored out of my mind, so me and my sister got really destructive, because there was nothing to do).
- Then Vancouver
- Then Montreal again
- Then Toronto
- And now Dallas (well, Frisco, and then McKinney. But I really don't count moving from one suburb to another as living in different places, really. Even if I do go to a different Target and all).

So now my favorite... Man, that's so hard... I'd probably live in any of those cities again, for different reason. Paris, because, well it's Paris! I love the Eiffel Tower something fierce and I can't think of a better way to start any day then standing in a little bakery and eating a croissant that nowhere on Earth can the recipe be replicated as well.

I love Montreal, because it's such a fun chill city. I love the fact that it's such a microcosm of Canada, but with a European flair. It's the only bilingual city in the country, I don't care what Ottawa says.

I have to go to Ottawa regularly now, since my parents live there. And even though it's a gorgeous, clean city and I love the canal running through it, it is so boring, I can't fathom living there. Although, in its defense, it might just be boring because my parents live there. Maybe I'd consider Party City boring if my parents lived there.

I'd love to go on vacation in Tahiti, but I just don't think I'd live there. Island life is too expensive. But I think it'd be a great place to retire, so maybe...

I love Vancouver, and I've told Sweetie Pie numerous times that I'd love to split our time between two homes and in the winter, I'd love to live in Vancouver. To see the Pacific Ocean every day and enjoy mild temperatures, and then to drive an hour away and be at some of the best skiing in the world? Just incredible!

Then there's Toronto. Toronto's funny to me, because I really didn't like the city at all when I moved there. Moving there from Montreal was a huge shock to me. I thought the people were rude, I just didn't like anything about it. But then I spent 10 years there, and over the years, the city grew on me, even though the entire time, I'd tell people I loved Montreal and Toronto more. Then I moved to Dallas. And it wasn't until I lived here that I realized how much I did love Toronto. It had slowly crawled into my heart, made itself a little place and that caught me by surprise. I totally miss the cultural side of Toronto. Greek Town and China Town and Little Italy, every culture has their place and people are for the most part color blind. It doesn't matter where you're from, in Toronto, because now, you're a Torontonian. I miss the individually-owned restaurants and pubs, now living in a place that is all about big chains.

But I'm in a different place in my life now, one where I don't hit pubs every weeknight and clubs every weekend, so I know that I would have ended up gravitating to the suburbs, which really, would feel no different than my life now.

How's that for an overly long answer? What was the question again? ;-)

5) At what moment in your life have you felt the most loved?

Man... You are one tough interview, That Chick "Barbara Walters" Over There.

There have been some specific moments in my life that made my heart explode. The first time Little Man called me Mama. Last week, when he kissed me on the lips for the first time. To know that much love has got to be what heaven feels like.

The time I ran away from home and my dad spent all night looking for me and tracked me down first thing in the morning and when I opened a door, he just hugged me and cried.

The time Sweetie Pie and I were having such bad issues with our marriage and he cried and told me he was scared he was losing me.

Apparently, if you want me to feel loved, you either need to cry, or call me Mama.

OK, that's all of Chick's questions! Thanks for asking some fantastic questions Chick! You totally make Matt Lauer look bad. And you definitely have better hair than Larry King.




Rachel said...

Gah, your last answer made me cry!

Julie said...

You lived in Tahiti? Wow. Let's expand on your 9 year old destructive period? Are we talking lighting palm trees on fire and stuff?

Kellie said...

I'm impressed (HIGHLY) with all the places you've lived. And, also HIGHLY jealous...especially of the Tahiti thing...

Catwoman said...

Rachel, are you just saying that so that I feel loved? :)

Beccy said...

I'm crying here mama!

I feel I know so much more about you from this, you're losing that catsuit. You've certainly moved around alot and had fun doing so by the sounds of it.

Now all you have to do is win the lottery (my suitcase is packed)!

Emma in Canada said...

I'm totally holding you to that lottery thing. And if my name magically disappears from your blogroll there will be some trouble.

What did you run away for?

That Chick Over There said...

Your answers= Awesome

My hair=Questionable

random_mommy said...

oooh oooh do me do me!!!

Elle said...

I love the way you think.

random_mommy said...

I knew you'd say prance around... you're soooooo a prancer.