Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Little Like Martha Stewart, Just Not as Bitchy

So I rocked Easter. No really. I really, really rocked Easter. I made scalloped potatoes, the kind that all potatoes hope they get to die and become. I'm talking creamy cheesy goodness that fills your entire mouth with the kind of pleasure that makes you glad you're alive.

And then my desserts. Oh, my desserts. Trying to describe their greatness would be like trying to describe a rainbow to a blind man. Or the sound of a baby's laughter to a deaf person. But I will try for you, my kind readers. First, there was my coconut cream pie. As far as coconut cream pies go, it demands to be called by a completely new name. Because it was that freaking good. We're talking a perfectly golden crust (store bought refrigerated crust. But it was perfectly baked, thank you very much) with a filling that quivered gently on your tongue as it embraced your taste buds with just enough sweetness to make them weep from joy. And a whipped topping that made hairs you didn't know you had stand up and sing.

And then check out my table. Yeah. That's my dining room table. Decorated. I know, I know, you're thinking only Buckhingham Palace would have such a spread. I'll give you a moment to recover from the greatness of it.

OK, now, I must admit that I'm not crazy about the card table tacked on the end. But our table holds 8 people. And we were 9. I'm sure Buckingham Palace has these issues too and covers a card table when the Swedish monarchy shows up unexpected.

Now here is what I am most proud of. Check out my eggs. I dyed them myself, thank you very much. And only had one pink nail and one blue nail after they were done. But look at the greatness of each place setting. The blue water glasses don't go perfectly, but I wasn't about to buy different water glasses just for the occasion. I only have so many cabinets.

Adorable, right? I'm available to do your next party, although I have been asked by the White House to take over all of their events, so I might be a little busy.

And then, because I can't do anything without being just a little too much, I had to do something with the little egg decorations I got from the Target dollar section. And so I did what anyone would do: I dangled them from the chandelier over the table.

I know, I know, you wish you'd thought of it first. But my brain's limited enough as it is, I can't start sharing it with all of you.

Did I mention that hosting this stuff makes my whole body tingly?




Emma in Canada said...

I have a friend who also is a bit Martha-y and she has an Easter egg bouquet that goes on her chandelier. But not this year, because it didn't fit in with the arrangement on the table. Me? No decorations. I didn't even put up my happy spring plaque this year because it is still freaking snowing.

It looks quite lovely by the way.

Julie said...

I love the little nest/egg placecard. Did you make those nests? Watch out Martha!

Jesse said...

I'm sure at this very moment Martha is fuming and firing someone for not coming up with the idea first-lol. No seriously I love the decorations especially the placecards-great job!!

tami said...

omigod i LOVE coconut cream pie! that alone makes attending your wonderful spread completely worth the airfare! sign me UP!

Catwoman said...

Actually, I came up with the idea for the nests and then found those at Michael's that had a branch attached to them, which worked perfectly!

If I'd made the nests, they'd look like Little Man made them!

Beccy said...

OK so blogging has introduced me to egg dying but how do you keep the writing white?

I'm very impressed and would love to dine at your table!

Catwoman said...

Beccy, here's my secret: I used scrapbooking letter stickers, rubbed them on the egg really well so that none of the dye could get under, and then when the dye was dry, I removed the stickers, revealing the white egg shell below!

That Chick Over There said...

Amazing! I am so impressed!

Sam said...

It looks so lovely! And the Coconut Cream Pie sounds amazing!

beebop said...

Shit, martha has got NOTHING on you this easter! Go girl! Lovely egg display!!!

Rachel said...

The table really does look great! How creative! And, the description of the dessert was enough to make me want some and I don't even like coconut!