Monday, April 16, 2007

The Kind of Adorableness that Seriously Pisses Off Adorableness Haters

Sometimes I'm not sure I'll have any teeth left by Little Man's second birthday, because really? This much sweetness? It's got to be causing some really freaking serious tooth decay.

And this weekend was so jam packed with sweetness, that I really didn't want it to end.

Let's start with Friday. When Little Man fell in love. Not in a dirty way. In a we're-going-to-be-best-friends-for-life way.

Unfortunately, Little Man fell hard for Buddha. And Buddha lives all the way in Alabama.

You see, Random Mommycame to town this weekend. And it was so fun to see her! And it was so fun to see that even though she's more than four months pregnant, she looks like she's swallowed a walnut, so when she showed up, I forgot she even was pregnant until she brought it up. But she's hysterically funny, has a sharp and dirty mind and she has great hair, so we'll forgive her for that. The not being fat part, not the mentioning her pregnancy.

Anyway, moving right along. There's a core group of Mommas that I'm a part of, and I've known them all for about a year now. That means that ever since some of our kids were still spitting up and not yet crawling, we've been getting together.

As anyone who's been on a playdate for babies will tell you, the playdate is really not about getting your kids around other people their age. Because the babies? They really don't freaking care. They sit there and chew on a toy and drool on themselves and should another baby try to take that toy, then that's when they notice that that there are other creatures like them there.

Otherwise? They don't care, really.

But playdates do prevent the Mamas from going nuts and smoking Marlboro reds all day, so they are really, really important. And eventually, the babies get to an age where they want to play with others, and that's when it gets to be fun.

Anyway, on Friday there were four of us Mamas getting together with our now toddlers and Little Man reacted the way he always does when there are other kids around. He mostly ignored them and did his own thing.

Buddha, Random Mommy's toddler, who was previously as shy as Little Man, has apparently broken free of the shyness cult because of the moonshine in the Alabama water, and he was outgoing, climbing on things and showing us how well he's trained his Mama to say "no" on command.

Little Man was apparently impressed by this.

And all of a sudden, while the Mamas were all eating at the kitchen table and Little Man and Buddha were loose in the living room, there was the distinct sound of world peace.

Our two toddlers had a laugh off.

It's hard to say what provoked it or who started it. But either way, once one of the toddlers laughed, it caused the other one to laugh too, which caused the first to laugh harder and so on and so on.

It was the most amazing thing ever. They were interacting. And not only interacting, they were having the time of their lives.

I caught the tail end on tape, and I have to say, that I spent most of the weekend watching it and each and every time it made me smile. I have no idea how to post video on here, if someone in comments can tell me how or email me, then please do, because really? The only cuter video I've ever seen is of that chubby baby laughing at his dad in the high chair that made You Tube famous.

When everyone was about to leave, Little Man and Buddha began chasing each other laughing their hineys off around the dining room table. Little Man, my little antisocial bunny, actually has a friend he wants to play with! And unfortunately, he picked the one who lives far, far away. Damn you Random Mommy and your love of States with more trailer parks per capita!

On Friday night, Little Man and I were just chilling after a birthday party he attended where he got high on cake frosting and apple juice. And for some reason, I sang to him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, a song that I actually quite despise and never sing to him, but for some reason popped into my head.

And that's when my child, my little musical protege, broke into song and freaking sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with me.

I flipped out! I'm assuming he learned it at daycare, but it's like once again, how much does this child know that he's not telling us about???

I tried to get the singing on tape, but every time I do, Little Man just wants to watch himself on the screen and so all the footage looked like this:

Little Man: "Tinkle, Tinkle ible ahr"

(spots camera)

Little Man: "MAMA!!!!!! Ba-bee!!!!!" (grabs camera violently to see himself)

The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star floodgate was opened, and once it was, I literally had to hear the song all weekend.

On Friday night, Little Man refused to go to sleep, so he stayed up with me until 10:30, when I finally was too tired and went to bed. He came with me, and as I laid there drifting off to sleep, he was sitting up, patting me on the head, singing "Tinkle Tinkle ible ahr, a a ader a oo ahr."

I'm not sure how long he sang me to sleep, as I woke up the next morning with his feet firmly planted into my eye sockets.

I also began painting Little Man's big boy room this weekend. And at one point, he refused to be away from me, and since the bottom color of the walls was dry and I had the windows opened, I let him hang out in the room while I worked. I was taping off parts of the ceiling up on a ladder, when I dropped the painter's tape. And just as I was thinking "crap, I've got to get all the way down to pick it up," Little Man ran up to the ladder, stood on his tippy toes with the tape in hand, his little arm stretched as high as he could and he yelled "Mama! Mama!"

I've got me one fine little helper, yes sirree. And painting a room when you get to hear "Tinkle Tinke ible ahr" over and over again makes the job so much more fun.

I really wish my next baby could just be born a toddler, because really? This age is so freaking fun that somehow I can't stand it.




Emma in Canada said...

Yes that is a video that must be seen. And the only preson I know that regularly posts video is Alissa at a Kid Called Emma. Ask her, she's in my links. I can't take a photo of Saoirse because everytime she sees the camera, before I even get the picture taken, she's all "Mama, let me see!" It's a pain in the ass, but oh so cute.

Glad Little Man had such a great time with Buddha. It's great to see them making friends, shitey that he lives so far away.

That Chick Over There said...

I am so with you on this. I honestly don't understand why women want their BABIES to remain BABIES. All babies do is poop and sleep and cry. Toddlers are HILARIOUS!

Julie said...

How cute is it that he sang you to sleep. What a sweet boy you have there.

random_mommy said...

Husband was soooo proud when he heard that Buddha and Little Man actually played together!!! For once, he wished he had gone to a playdate with me...

and OMG we had sooo much fun at your house! Always the Martha-hostess.... yummy food and all!

Rachel said...

Awwww, Little Man is just so sweet! Toddlers are so funny! One minute they can drive you crazy and make you want to scream and the next they are just the sweetest things in the entire world.

Beccy said...

Hey before you know it he'll be cleaning your yard!

Jesse said...

Sounds like Little Man had fun this weekend. As for him singing you to sleep how sweet is that.

random_mommy said...

why can't we link to susan's blog??? what is she up to?