Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello Target Cashier Who Knows Way Too Much About Me Now

So today during lunch, I bought the following at Target:

- 1 Jar of Carmex Lip Balm
- 3-pack of Early Response Pregnancy test

And even though I'm married and have a kid already, I still feel really, really awkward buying pregnancy tests, because they tell the cashier "hi! I've had sex! And it was unprotected! And now I think there's another human in me!"

Which is a lot of information for a perfect stranger to know about me.

The cashier also knows that I like for my lips to not be chapped, but this information, I'm not as worried about her being judgemental with.

Although, maybe my having soft moisturized lips is what led me to have the sex that has now led me to have the pregnancy concerns.

Either way, the Target cashier felt the need to make small talk with me. She held up the pregnancy test and said "is this going to be your first one?"

Confused as to whether she meant this is the first time I think I'm knocked up or the first kid I'm having.

I told her that no in fact, this would be number two.

"Oh," she said. "I'm sorry."


Did I miss the memo that said that we weren't supposed to have more than one kid?




Beccy said...

I always bought those tests in the chemist, they know when to keep their mouth shut. When I was much younger I finally got the courage to buy condoms in the supermarket (instead of the diposable machine in the toilets) I then managed to pick the spotty 18 year old cashier who commented on every item I bought until he got to the condoms. I don't know who was more embarressed him or I!!!

Kellie said...

If that memo is floating around, please forward it to me??

So um....yeah...I'm guessing you'll tell us what your grade on the test is? :)

Alyssa said...

I stumbled across your blog from beebop and thought it was funny because I am also a Canadian girl who fell in love with a Texas boy but are now living in Hawaii contimplating staying here or moving back to Dallas. Your son is adorable!

random_mommy said...

REEEEEESULTS?!?!? when do we get results?

go uterus! go uterus! go, go, go uterus!

Sam said...

Hi :o) I came this way via M's blog. I hate it when cashiers comment on what I am buying, I think it's so rude.

Emma in Canada said...

And there's the reason I refuse to buy condoms. Which only causes me to buy pregnancy tests, i guess.

Julie said...

When I had to buy those tests I would always but a bunch of stuff I really didn't need at the same time - to hide the test box under. I still do that with tampons. Apparently I'm still in junior high!

When are you putting that 3 pack to work? : )

M said...

WEEEEE! A three pack?! WEEE EEE EEEE!

Additionally I made my HUSBAND buy the tests for Miss Lily. Poor guy. I can buy tampons and piss pads and boob cream and freaking yeast infection meds but...PREGNANCY TESTS??!! THE HORROR! obnoxious as "I'm sorry" is "Oh, wow, you'll have your hands full!" Which is required by law to be said by any and all cashiers to anyone with kids under 3 years apart. I think they teach it in cashier school.

Rachel said...

LMAO!!!!! Crap, I didn't get that memo either! Who the hell is in charge of distribution???

beebop said...

i was at the drug store and bought 2 different types of condoms (b/c we are ghetto like that) and the 15 year old cash register girl said, ooooooh I've never tried these ones before, are they good?

and the results are???

Ashley said...

I used to cashier at target, and I tried not to make a big deal about pregnancy tests/condoms, but sometimes the people buying them had the strangest looks on their faces...

Have you tried the dollar store pregnancy tests? They worked just as well for me, and they were only a dollar!