Monday, April 30, 2007

Dinner Conversation

"Little Man, do you want a banana for dessert or..."
-...a yogurt.
- Yeah.
- Which one, a banana, or a yogurt.
- Yeah.
- Can you say Abracadabra?
- Yeah.
- Can you say anything else than "yeah"?
- Yeah.




Emma in Canada said...

It's better than no!

Julie said...

Emily answers every questions that starts with "Do you want to...." with a no.

Rachel said...

I agree with Emma!

jesse said...

Definetly better than saying no.

random_mommy said...

you call a banana dessert?!?! what are you teaching him?? where's the fat? the chocolate? the gooey deliciousness?!?

Kellie said...

A banana for desert??!! WHAT!! At least drizzle the banana in chocolate syrup, for the love of Target!!

Cute conversation...I'm rather looking forward to those!!

Beccy said...

I still sometimes have those conversations with my children and they're old enough to know better!