Thursday, March 08, 2007

Signs that You Might Be Tired

Because my sleep has been so disrupted these past few days, first with my niece who's still not sleeping through the night because her mother refuses to let her cry for more than two minutes, then with Sweetie Pie leaving at 4:30 in the morning because he was traveling out of town on Monday, and then with Little Man waking up screaming at 5 a.m. two days in the row and being unable to go back to sleep, I'm finding that there are things that I'm not quite doing right.

Like the fact that I have managed to forget my work badge twice this week. This is a high-security facility, which has made it challenging for me to break in without my badge.

Then there's the fact that yesterday, I opened one of my little coffee mate vanilla creamers and poured it into the trash can instead of my cup.

Then there's the fact that this morning, I got all the way to the bottom of my driveway and realized that I hadn't put any pants on. Although my legs are hairy enough right now that I may have been able to fool my coworkers into thinking I was wearing fur pants.

But forget all of that whining. Last night, I won Little Man a brand new gorgeous designer toddler bedding set for $44 on eBay and it retails for $100. Forget the fact we haven't actually bought him a toddler bed.

Be assured that when we do, his room will freaking rock.




Emma in Canada said...

Did you really forget to pants on or were you just trying to send us into hysterics?

What sort of bedding?

random_mommy said...

i wanna see pictures of the bedding!

hairy legs are sooo hot.

Catwoman said...

Well, there's a very logical explanation of how I forgot the pants. You see, I always put them on at the last minute, since work clothes get dog hair on them the second they are even taken out of the dry cleaning bag.

And this morning, Little Man was being difficult, and I had to fight with him to put him in the car, which is unusual and totally messed up my karma/feng shui/aura/whatever you believe in.

And so I put on my shoes, got in the car and backed out, not realizing that I'd left my pants on the back of our recliner.

susan said...

I also wear the fur pants. It's economical. This way I can buy more things for Katie. ;)

MartiniGal said...

My fur pants ROCK!!! I have my pair on right now, in fact. I do have them covered with an extra layer of pajama bottoms though.