Thursday, March 15, 2007

(Said in Whispering Voice) "I See People Who Want to Do It"

Wednesday is supposed to be date night in our house. This was one of the agreements after the big cold war of 2007. The deal is that Sweetie Pie picks up some items from the "to-go" case at our fancy grocery store. We feed Little Man, sit at the table and stare at him while he eats (we are after all pretty ravenous at this point of the day) and then get him ready to bed about 15 minutes ahead of time.

Once he's in bed, we heat up our food and then light some candles, have an adult beverage and a conversation that's not interrupted by excited toddler calls of "DOOOG!" every time one of the animals happen to walk within the vicinity of our kitchen.

And for the past three weeks, our background music provided by one of our Sirius radio stations available on our television's music channels has been accompanied by this very faded noise:


Any other night, the child may cry for a minute after being put to bed and then goes right to sleep. But most of the time, he just hugs his collection of stuffed animals and goes right to sleep.

But not date night! Oh no! Little Man needs to make sure that he will never have a sibling.

So next week, we'll try to eat hors d'oeuvres with Little Man and not move up the bedtime by 10 or 15 minutes. And so we'll end up eating around 8 pm or later, and hopefully, Little Man will leave us alone.

But I think the moving of the bedtime by a minute amount isn't the issue. I think it's just a case of having the kid from The Sixth Sense living with us. Except instead of ghosts, ours can sense the few times his parents are going to do the deed.

Not a very useful talent, but hey, you've got to have something.




Elle said...

LOL - well at least you try!! Don't worry, it'll get better. ;)

Rachel said...

Lmao! That is just too funny. It's always when you want them to do something that they decide not to!

enidd said...

how can you channel that into a future career? ooo, enidd knows, vice patrol.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHeHeHoHo....I am sorry to laugh, but it's funny 'cause it doesn't happen to me (yet).


random_mommy said...

a gift is a gift. LM has odd gifts, such as seducing Ernie... but a gift is a gift.

M said...

Aww. How sweet. Or evil. One of the two. I'm still wondering how I ended up pregnant between my issues physically and Liam's incredible talent of knowing when Josh & I get within 800 feet of each other.

Mmm. hors d'oeuvres. yum.yum.yum. Oh, and, uh, good luck with the jumping one another and all that.

Even considered just duct taping the child to his bed? And playing the white noise machine reeeeeeeeeeally loud? Who cares if the neighbors call CPS!

That Chick Over There said...

You guys rock. :)

Anonymous said...

damn kids! parents need their drinky poos!!!