Thursday, March 22, 2007

Raising a Nature Lover

Last night was date night, once again. Which by the way went splendidly, with Sweetie Pie and I eating two cheese sticks while Little Man ate his dinner, fooling him into thinking that nothing interesting would be happening after he went to bed. And when it was time to go to sleep, he whined for a minute and then fell asleep surrounded by the growing collection of stuffed animals he demands to be thrown in his cage with. I'm worried that I'm raising a future polygamist, but that's another post for another day. I then went on to drink half a bottle of rose wine and get really giggly, which pretty much guarantees that Sweetie Pie's going to get him some.

Apparently Sweetie Pie was really looking to play his cards right last night, because on top of picking up a great dinner at our fancy grocery store, he also came home with a surprise for me.

It was a potted tulip plant, my favorite flower in the whole wide world.

The likelihood of me getting flowers for no reason are about the same as Angelina telling Brad that he should leave her to be with me.

And so it's enough to say that I was really excited about my pretty red tulips. I admired them, I sniffed them repeatedly, I ooohed and aaahed over them to increase the likelihood of this potentially happening again before my 75th birthday.

And Little Man, not one to want to be left out, wanted to admire my tulips too. And he pointed at them and ooohed and aaahed too. And then he proceeded to smell them, burying half his face into the tulip, creating one of those gorgeous Anne Gedde-like photos in the process. And just as I was about to say "I need my camera! This is too gorgeous!", Sweetie Pie yelled "No! NO!!!!"

And Little Man looked up, suprised, with ripped out, half-chewed black floral internal organs all over his lips and the inside of his mouth.

Since he's still alive this morning, it's safe to assume tulips are not poisonous. I'm sad to say they don't make toddler crap smell any better either.


Dana said...

That is funny. I always know when my husband feels that I have been severly neglecting him when he brings home flowers. The cat usually ends up eating them and just like tulips and toddlers, they don't help the litter box one little bit.

Julie said...

Too funny! Well, you know some of the fanciest restaurants cook with flowers. Maybe Little Man just has sophisticated tastes! : )

Beccy said...

Typical and you didn't even get a chance to photograph them!

Rachel said...

Well, I'm glad this date night went better than last week! Mmmm, tulips. Who knew they were a delicacy. Little Man is a genious!

Julie said...

Oh, and PS I tagged you for a meme!

Kellie said...

Glad date night went better this week.

Too bad on the toddler crap. I'd have invested in some tulips if that were the case :)

Gerbil said...

I love tulips! I don't get flowers either but I USED to get cheese. (Jacob can't have milk proteins, alas!) Ahhh cheese. There's romance.

Can Sweetie Pie give my husband a pointer or two?

Emma in Canada said...

I love tulips. Not that anyone has ever bought them for me of course. And I have decided that they definitely have a sixth sense. I move Saoirse every night and on the nights it might actually happen she seems to know and ends up back in bed. Damn kids.

Elle said...

I have to laugh... my mom threw me my bridal shower at this fancy place, and they served us food, and EDIBLE flowers. Most of the guests were like, "ummm no not eatting that!" I figured it made the dishes look pretty but I'm not about to eat a pansy! I don't care how happy I was about getting married!