Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Picture Perfect

On Saturday, we took Little Man to get his 18 months pictures taken. Getting a toddler to sit still for pictures is like trying to convince earthworms to show personality. It just ain't gonna happen people.

Since Little Man wouldn't sit still and had decided to spin around in circles while making "abla abla" noises with his tongue, until he'd fall over from the dizziness, I convinced the 17-year old kid who served as professional photographer at the picture place at the mall to bring out some Easter props to try to get him to sit still.

So the photographer brought out a fake chick and bunny that were made with what is likely to be cat fur and horrified me.

And Little Man, the PETA lover that he is, was pretty horrified too, apparently. As he spent the rest of the photo shoot body slamming the chick and bunny as hard as he could and throwing them in the air, in a sign of compassion for the animals killed to make a fake bunny and chick.

The pictures we ended up selecting are just so Little Man, I wouldn't want them any other way. On this first one, Little Man is grinning ear to ear, his hair, wild and unruly fills most of the frame. It's how he always looks when he's at his happiest. The editing guy cropped it so that it's from his shoulders up, so the chick doesn't show up, just my son's goofy happy face and his mussed up hair.

The other picture we ordered was of him in his Easter outfit. Although I got him the shorts in the 12 months size, his short legs still don't fit in them, so that he looks like he's wearing capris instead of shorts. And in the picture, he's standing, happy as a clam his right arm way up in the air. And about a foot above him, is that poor little chick.

In our picture, you actually see the whole chick, which makes the whole picture even funnier.

You may recall that last year, this was his Easter picture.

I still love that picture. He looks like a playboy bunny to me with his finger in his mouth.

And of course, this year, as is tradition, I had to make a totally inappropriate comment about one of the pictures. Since Little Man was starting to lose his patience with the whole process at the end, I gave him Ernie to make him happy again. Which resulted in this picture.

As soon as the image popped up on the screen, I couldn't help but giggle. Exactly why does Ernie have his face buried in my son's crotch? Of course, I had to share with the 20-year old helping us choose the pictures and he lost it too. I'm sure he doesn't get a lot of moms who come in and allude to certain lewd acts.

But come on, tell me you didn't think it too?

And because I can't help myself, here are a few other pictures from the shoot. I somehow managed to only order two of the poses. How did I do that exactly? And now that I've posted these pictures I kind of want them all. Well, except for the Ernie one.

I call this picture "Sheer Joy."

This one shows that Little Man can show kindness towards animals and won't grow up to be the kid who sets squirrel tails on fire.

And this last one is exactly what Little Man will look like when he's a preppy guy at Harvard Law. On full scholarship, of course. And probably not dressed from Children's Place, because I would hope he would have outgrown their clothes by that point. Unless he's one of those brilliant kids who's in law school at 10.




susan said...

It's not just that Ernie has his face buried in Little Man's lap....it's that and the look on Little Man's face!

Catwoman said...

That's exactly it, Susan! His look says "Well heeeelllloooooo Ernie!"

Julie said...

I've always heard that rumor about Ernie!

Kellie said...

Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous Little Man :)

Elle said...

Beautiful pictures!! I'm new to your blog! It's a great read! My name is Elle, and I'm a mom of 3 girls, plus a SAHM. Nice to meet you!

random_mommy said...

the cuteness is too much!! the fact that someone makes blazers in that size is absurdly cute. he NEEDS his wire rimmed glasses, and a copy of the newspaper rolled up under his arm...

emmainlondon said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! You have almost convinced me to splurge on professional photography! Love them.

Catwoman said...

You're right, Random Mommy, he needs a copy of the Wall Street Journal on his lap, especially in that last picture where his face says "the market dropped by HOW MUCH????"

M said...

Oh these are outrageous. The too sweet outfit really makes it but the faces (and captions) absolutely slay me! Just FABULOUS shots! GAH!!!

jempress said...

i just pictured little man in glasses in the last picture, as random mommy suggested - how cute would that be? that would just make us all die from cuteness overload, so it's probably better that he didn't have any glasses on. btw, wedo thinks he's cute too. she kept pointint at him and saying something.