Friday, March 30, 2007

He's For Green Peace, Just Not Green Beans

For the most part, my Little Man will eat most things. I've bragged about this many times before, as I'm a big believer in showing off to the world about something to tempt the universe into kicking me in the teeth again and taking my bragging rights away from me.

But at some point during the past couple of months, Little Man has decided that he hates green beans. Not sure where this came from. I buy frozen beans and I don't boil them to death, so they still have a nice green look to them and they're not of the texture of dog poop, the way my mother-in-law's canned green beans that she boils for 30-45 minutes tend to be.

But he won't eat mine. He won't eat my mother-in-law's either. He won't eat them with cheese on them. He won't eat them with ketchup.

And I'm fairly certain he won't eat them on a boat or a train or any of the other places that you can eat green eggs and ham.

If I make those mixed veggies that have corn, carrots, peas and green beans in them, Little Man will meticulously pull out all of the green beans and set them aside or toss them to the dogs when I'm not looking.

But if he had it his way, he'd eat his weight in those other veggies in the veggie mix.

Yesterday, when I picked up Little Man from daycare, his daily report read the following:

"At lunch, Little Man tried to feed his green beans to his friends."

I guess when you don't have dogs around you and offensive green beans are staring at you on your paper plate, you've got to get creative.




Anonymous said...

he is just delegating, thats all, smart cookie!

Beccy said...

That Sam I am
That Sam I am
I do not like that Sam I am

I love Green Eggs and Ham. When my children were younger I read somewhere that rhyming books are the best books to read to your children to aid their eventual learing to read. So I read to them daily, including Cat in the Hat, 10 Apples on Top and The Owl and the Pussycat.

Now I've got over my reminiscing I have to say that I don't blame Little Man for refusing green beans, he obviously has great taste. You can get them in tins? That sounds double gross.

Btw I hate green beans!

That Chick Over There said...

I hate green beans too.

Therefore, your child is a genuis.

The end.

random_mommy said...

buddha is the same way... green beans are for losers.

Rachel said...

Lol, that is so cute. Alyssa will all of a sudden not eat them either. She has decided to become a picky little eater here lately. Yeah, that's just not gonna work in my house. Hell, she's small enough, she must eat!

Little Man's friends were probably thinking, no way, you eat your own veggies!

Emma in Canada said...

Green beans and ketchup? The fuck? Are you sure you're French?

Elle said...

ROFL well I've done the green bean casserole... my kids might touch that. Last night Jenna wouldn't eat my lasagna because she spotted the iota of zuchinni I put into it. @@

Catwoman said...

Emma, yeah, I know, Ketchup and green beans is about as Un-French as it gets. But I'm a desperate mama! He'll eat ketchup! So I figured it was worth a shot.

Elle, you'll have to try pureeing the zucchini next time! :)

And to the rest of you whose kids won't eat green beans, do you think that it's some kind of demonstration against global warming or something?