Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fighting My Way In Hurricane Winds

So right now, I'm still in San Diego. I shouldn't be. I should be in my cubicle staring at the blue walls.

Instead, I've had to extend my trip by an extra day. My first call wasn't to my boss. It was to Sweetie Pie, to tell him he'd be a single father for one more day.

And so now, I sit in my room, looking out at the Pacific Ocean, admiring two enormous aircraft carriers, waiting for some man with a big tray with a plate of 15 dollar pancakes covered by a silver cover to bring my food to my room, because I'm apparently too lazy to take an elevator and be fed downstairs.

I heart business trips.

And I especially heart business trips to gorgeous cities like San Diego.

Although, stupid me assumed that since this is Southern California, it must be warm here. After all, it's in the high 70's (mid 20's in celsius) in Dallas. So I've packed nothing but short-sleeved shirt.

Yeah, it's in the high 50's here. I don't know what that is in celsius. It's just freaking too cold to wear short-sleeves and no jacket. That's what it is.

And then there's the freaking wind. In Texas, if there was wind like that, we'd be convinced that either a hurricane and/or tornado are coming. Not so in San Diego, as this must be normal since the weather anchor said yesterday morninng that it "might be a little windy."

Might be? A little?

That's like saying that Gisele Budchen is a little attractive.

Or that I'd like to jump Tom Brady's bones a little.

I was almost carried out to sea yesterday people, when my wheelie suitcase was propelled by the 200 miles/hour winds that turned it into a mastiff dog that dragged me down the sidewalk.

I'm just saying that things like that don't happen when it's a little spring breeze.

So San Diego, I rate you a 10/10 on beauty. And I love your palm trees.

But you weather people? They are a-crazy. And how they have such great hair is a freaking mystery to me, because mine has looked like Sanjaya's mohawk on American Idol.




M said...

Mmm. I'm coming over for room service! YUM!

You can keep the weird wind though. My hair looks like Sanjaya on a GOOD day. I don't need wind furthering my attempts at fashion no no.

Julie said...

Room service rocks doesn't it! I've never been to San Diego - sounds nice. Why did you have to extend your trip? Hopefully all is ok.

And Sanjaya's hair - please. I feel like he's just mocking us now.

Emma in Canada said...

You, my friend, have become climatized to that hot southern US weather. Or perhaps it is spoiled?
If it were say 58 that would be +14 for us Canadians. I don't think I've seen 14 since September. It's like 2 here.

So don't expect my pity for youe high 50s, even with wind. Oh no! Not a chance!

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

(That's when I would normally say bloody Americans, but since I actually like so many of those Americans due to this whole blogging thing I can no longer say that. Damn it. Damn nice Americans.)

Rachel said...

Mmmmm, room service! Too bad you can't get that at home!

random_mommy said...

didn't california fall into the ocean?

Beccy said...

Mmmm hotel, mmmm room service.

Morgan Leigh said...

i love room service! mmmmm... i've never been to CA but would love to go....when it's not windy.