Monday, March 19, 2007

Condiment Boy

Many things make Little Man happy. But none of them as much as condiments. The child has yet to find a single condiment he doesn't like. Honey Mustard? Yes please! A chicken nugget is only used as a spoon by Little Man as a device to cleanly get the honey mustard to his mouth. He would drink the stuff out of his sippy cup if we'd allow it.

Barbecue sauce? Yumm-o! Ketchup? The condiment that needs nothing dipped in it, you just scoop it up with your hands and eat as much as possible.

There are days where I worry that more than 25 percent of Little Man's diet consists of condiments. Heck, the kid will even eat a lemon wedge.

If it's supposed to go on food, he'll eat it. Just by itself.

He's kind of like a little pregnant woman.




random_mommy said...

the Buddha is the same way! he loves to dip...

Beccy said...

Tomato ketchup is very good for you so let him scoop and eat!

All my children love to suck or eat lemon wedges!

Kellie said...

A little pregnant woman....haha!!

My nephew was very similar--ketchup had to go on EVERYTHING he ate. Didn't matter if it was a burger, chicken nuggets....WAFFLES!!

A little pregnant woman....KILLING ME!!