Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Brain Really Is Wired Wrong

This has always happened to me. I'll be in a situation and my brain will short circuit with 1,000 thoughts of "what if I suddenly did this..." and it's always something inappropriate, like take off all my clothes, or pick my nose, or set my hair on fire.

My brain does this out of boredom, I guess. Or else my brain actually has Turette's, but my body won't let it act on it, so it thinks these inappropriate things, but my body doesn't actually respond.

This morning, I had to stand somewhere with a microphone and run to people with questions so they could ask important-sounding questions and receive important-sounding answers.

The whole time I'm standing there with the microphone, waiting for the speaker to finish his speech and open it up to questions, my brain's thinking "what if we farted when the microphone was held to our side?" and "what if I burped really loud close the microphone?"

I'm not sure if my brain was saying we should do these things. Or if it was afraid these things would happen.

Either way, I always find any thoughts my brain has very, very disturbing. Note to brain: stop thinking.



1 comment:

Beccy said...

It would have made a great post if you had farted!

Mind you, you got a post out of thinking about it.