Monday, February 12, 2007

I Know, I Know, You Shouldn't Speak Ill of the Dead

So in case you were living in a cave last week, or were stuck under something really, really, really heavy and couldn't watch TV, listen to the radio or talk to any one ressembling a human being, I have some news for you.

Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

And apparently, I wasn't aware that she was the one who was going to save humanity. That she was the one who was about to find the cure for cancer and fed babies around the world with her enormous boobies.

I say that I wasn't aware of this, because, the ignorant baffoon that I am, I thought Anna Nicole Smith was just some drugged up tabloid fodder chick, famous for once upon a time having a great figure, getting naked for Playboy, landing a Guess contract and then marrying a really, really old man and then fighting his kids (who were old enough to be her grandparents) for his money.

But then she dies under "strange conditions" and next thing you know, 20/20 is devoting an hour of Friday's program to her. Entertainment Tonight is talking about her tragic life cut short (why reserve that label to 6-year olds who die of cancer? They don't matter to Entertainment Tonight) and they call her an icon.

An icon??? An icon of what? As Sweetie Pie said "I've never seen her on my computer screen."

Because really, last I checked, Anna Nicole Smith had actually never accomplished anything, had she?

That doesn't mean I wished the woman ill when she was alive. I thought she was just some poor white trash girl who had a pretty face, got huge implants and was able to ride the celebrity train.

But to warrant that much coverage? Really? Most presidents don't get this much air time when they die.

What I found most interesting though during the past few days, is the speed at which Anna Nicole's mom was in front of the media trash talking her daughter. "She never gave us money!" she brayed on the Today Show.

Excuse me?

Your daughter's dead and this is what you choose to whine about? How about saying something along the lines of "my baby is gone! How could this happen? Why was the world robbed of her presence?"

I don't know much about Anna Nicole's family. But from the little I've seen these past few days, I say good for her for cutting those leeches off. And now that she's gone, I hope they get nothing. Especially not that poor little 5-month old baby who's left behind without a mother. And without any idea of who her father is.




Emma in Canada said...

She was piece of work. I was watching the View today and apparently she had had her boobs done twice in the 5 months since that baby was born. Crazy.

Beccy said...

I feel so sorry for the poor baby, what kind of life will she have?

Catwoman said...

Wow, Emma, I didn't know. I never got the memo saying I should have my boobs done after having Little Man. I feel way behind.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, until people stop avidly watching the crap, the media will continue to show what they show.