Friday, February 16, 2007

At What Point Is He Going to Take Responsibility?

I don't ask for a lot. In the mornings, I do just about everything. I blow dry my own hair. I make my own cup of coffee with so much Vanilla and Hazelnut Coffee Mate in it that the coffee flavor is completely gone making it very yummy. I open all the blinds so that the sun can heat our house as much as possible to cut down on our ridiculously expensive gas bills. I let the dogs out for their morning poop. I feed the dogs. I give the dogs water. I get Little Man up. I make sure Little Man isn't in a foul mood by letting him watch a few minutes of Play With Me Sesame before trying to offer him food or get him dressed. I feed Little Man. I change Little Man's 10 pound of night pee diaper. I dress Little Man. And then I dress myself. I fill Little Man's sippy cup with milk for the road. I fill Little Man's snack trap with fruity Cheerios. I start the car to heat it. I load Little Man, his frog, his Ernie doll, his sippy cup, his snack trap, my purse, my lunch and anything else we need for the 35 years we'll be gone from home it seems, in the car.

So why is it that this morning, I drive for 10 minutes, her Little Man cough and almost swerve off the road when I realize the freaking kid isn't wearing any shoes?

I admit, there was a break in my routine. I usually dress Little Man and then go get his shoes in the garage and put those on when we're ready to go. But this morning, we were running behind, I loaded him in the car seat and was going to put his shoes on him then. And I forgot.

But I'm not taking the blame for this. He's been on this planet for 17 months, really, at some point he needs to take responsibility for his own two feet. I swear the kid would forget his own head if it wasn't attached to his body.

When I spotted the socked feed in the backseat, I screamed "Oh my God! You're not wearing any shoes!" The same way I'd yell if he was being eaten by a grizzly bear. Because really, it's that serious.

He looked at me blankly, and as I U-turned, he started interrogating me "shoes? Shoes? Shoes?"

Which really, would have been a lot more useful for him to chant over and over again six miles ago.




Emma in Canada said...

I thought you were about to blame your husband there. At 17 months not only should he be taking responsibility for his own footwear, but he should be willing to take car of that full nappy too.

Julie said...

Is he not making his own dinner yet either? Geez, some kids are so lazy. : )

beebop said...

Just plain lazy is what he these days.
Found you by way of Emma in Canada...appears we have funny poop stories alike!

Catwoman said...

Only other moms could understand how freaking lazy my toddler is. You're all right. He should be making his own dinner. And changing his diapers.

From now on, he's also responsible for getting the oil changes done.

Beccy said...

I'm waiting for him to write a post on your blog!