Friday, January 19, 2007

They Probably Think I'm a Little Crazy

I'm not exactly sure how this happens. But I always end up talking about the same things to the same people. I referred to this a while back, with my going on and on about Canada to this one guy at work.

Now, I've gone and done it again. Except this time, I keep talking about Sweetie Pie dying over and over again. Almost every lunch this week, it seems.

Oh yeah. And Little Man being gay.

How do these things happen, you ask.

Very easily if you're me.

For example, we were talking about the bad weather that we've had in Dallas. You know, icy conditions, dangerous driving conditions and so forth. I mentioned to my lunch friends that Sweetie Pie drove from Houston to Dallas in these horrible conditions in order to make it home, and that this had upset me, because he was risking his life. I then concluded the story by telling them that at least I've taken out a life insurance policy on him through work, so at least when he dies, now I'll have money at least so that Little Man and I don't end in the street.

I'm not exactly sure how Sweetie Pie dying came up the other two times this week, but somehow it did.

This seemed to bother my coworkers a little bit, one of them pointing out the fact that I mentioned Sweetie Pie's demise quite a bit lately. This led me to think that I better make sure the dude lives for a while, or else I'll have the CSI folks banging on my door and using witty one-liners about Canada and death.

Which leads me to Little Man being gay. I'm not opposed to Little Man being gay, as I love gay people. Do I wish for Little Man to be gay? Well, I don't think I'd force him to be gay anymore than I'd force my religious beliefs or my strong dislike of George W. on him. He's his own person, he'll do what he wants to do. All I did was point out to my coworkers that Little Man crawled into bed at nap time with another male toddler this week and that he walked around with one of my lingerie nighties on his head for half the morning on Wednesday's snow day. If they want to assume from that that I talk a lot about Little Man being gay, well then, aren't they the ones with the issues really?

This leads me to a complete separate point. My company is run by old white men. I'm all for casual Friday. I appreciate being able to wear jeans to work, I really do. The only way I'm more comfortable than wearing jeans is when I'm wearing pajamas. However, I might be willing to give up jeans day if I would no longer have to ride in the elevator with 60-year old white men who not only wear acid-wash jeans, but get them cuffed. And then wear them with white socks with white tennis shoes that are brighter than the sun.

I'm not kidding. My retina is forever damaged by the blinding sheen off those shoes. And where does one buy acid-washed jeans these days?

Or do these men only wear their jeans once a week to work, extending the life of those acid-washed jeans by 20 years?




random_mommy said...

Buddha holds cups and food with his pinky sticking in the air. He also likes to wear my shoes.... if he starts humming showtunes, I'll know for sure.

susan said...

My hubby kept asking me if I was trying to kill him after we got his life insurance policy. He really seemed a little paranoid there for awhile. I know my cooking can be crap, but c'mon.

I've already told Katie she can be gay, but she has to be a lipstick lesbian or else we won't have anything in common.

Emma in Canada said...

My friend's son is gay. He's 11 and we have all known it since playschool days. So is her husband. There aren't many men who cook, garden, and do all the home decoration. Oh, and she's not allowed to clean because he doesn't like the way she does it.

And a Grey's Anatomy link? I might have to steal that one!

Catwoman said...

Isn't that the greatest link ever Emma? I spent over an hour at work reading all the posts on it... I think that's my best discovery of the year!