Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If He Tried That During Grey's Anatomy, I'd Probably Have to Kill Him

So this week has been a crappy ass TV week. I hate the stupid awards shows. I'm happy just tuning in during the commercials of something else and reading about in People Magazine for all the gory details. But award season always means that shows are in repeats or moved and combine it with stupid college football, and I can't seem to find any of my shows.

And then tonight, just to make it worse, President Bush wants to freaking address the nation. Again. I know I talk a lot. But I sure as hell would never think that anything I have to say is important enough to make people miss whatever shows are on Wednesday nights (I can't think of what I watch on Wednesday nights. But I'm sure it's good.)

Did all of the other presidents do this? I mean, before Bush, I lived in Canada, so we were sheltered from this crap. But I don't remember my shows getting cancelled because Clinton wanted to talk. Except about that b.j. incident. But that was so saucy, even Canadian networks aired that.

So unless Bush wants to talk about illicit acts, I'm going to politely ask him to stay off my TV.

Or else I might have to whoop his ass. I'm not kidding.



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Emma in Canada said...

There's nothing on Wednesday nights. Except for Beauty and the Geek which is pretty freaking funny. You could totally kick Bush's ass I am sure. He's a bit of a wimpy looking fella.