Monday, January 15, 2007

As Painful As It Looks...

It only looks like my child was slapped repeatedly on both cheeks. This is what a teething toddler whose evil molars are trying to come in looks like.

This was taken New Year's Day. There wasn't enough Infant's Tylenol in the world for him and there wasn't enough vodka for me.

By the way, I've added more pictures of the Little Man in my 16-month newsletter for him, as I was able to download all 168 of my pictures onto my computer. Whoo-hoo!




Emma in Canada said...

So cute. But you do realize that one day he will curse you for the vest and bowtie right? Although the bunny picture is still the unforgivable one in the eyes of a 15 year old boy I am sure.

random_mommy said...

this is close to how i picture LM in my head. i still picture him in a 3 piece business suit, with the wall street times, a pair of thin-rimmed glasses, and a cup of coffee.
and, OUCH! poor thing!

Catwoman said...

I wasn't crazy about the outfit either Emma, but it was purchased by my parents for him to wear on New Year's Eve, so I felt obligated for him to wear it once. The funniest part is that the top was too short for him, so his belly stuck out, making him look like some underaged Chippendale dancer...

I thought that he looked like he was going to be serving at a wedding in the outfit after he was done having brunch with us.

But what do I know.

And Random Mommy, with Little Man's international background, he's more into the Financial Times than the Wall Street Journal. And he suggests you sell all of your Gerber stock. He says no baby would be caught dead eating their pureed carrots.