Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This Would Never Happen With Hockey...

Growing up in Canada, there were many things that I experienced, one of them being the tradition of nothing being on TV on Saturday night, except for Hockey Night in Canada. Hockey in Canada is a religion. We may not go to church a lot, but we bow to those who can hit a mean slapshot.

And you know what? We're a lot more peaceloving for it, go figure that. Apparently, the only fighting we like is on ice. Keeps the wounds from getting infected that way.

Anyway, the one great thing about hockey is that for us who aren't 100 percent fanatical (just 70 to 80 percent), it manages to stay out of our way. Hockey is a way of life, but in true Canadian fashion, it doesn't impede on anyone.

Unlike freaking American football. I don't get it. Why is it that the freaking football games don't ever finish on time? And why is it that the TV stations feel the need to accomodate the NFL for not understanding the concept of time management?

I have spent the past 12 weeks or so falling in love all over again with my favorite reality show: The Amazing Race.

But we were out Sunday night enjoying the expensive meal that I would later regurgitate in my best impression of Nicole Richie. And so I tivo'd it. And last night, when I turned it on, I realized that the first half hour of what Tivo thought was The Amazing Race, was actually 60 Minutes.

Which really, is not the same thing if anyone was wondering.

And so I'm all into the action, when the episode ends halfway into the race. And now, I've watched 12 weeks of shows, and don't know how it ends.

I do know who won, because Sweetie Pie accidentally heard it on the radio, but it's not the same thing. Now some of you might say this is Karma getting me back for screwing up the last two minutes of Rock Star: Supernova this summer for Sweetie Pie, but I make a voodoo symbol back at that thank you very much.

I blame it on a bunch of 300-lb sweaty men who don't understand the concept of not ruining regular TV.

This would never happen in Canada. I'm just saying.




random_mommy said...

I also hate when the president cuts in to my tv watching... state of the union, smate of the munion.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Catwomen,

J'adore ton "blog", tu me fais rire à chaque fois!!!

Et tu as bien raison, je déteste quand le football nuit à mes émissions.

Ça mets déjà arrivé avec justement The amazing race et j'ai trouvé l'émission au complet sur you tube.

susan said...

Make sure during football season you tell your tivo to record longer on football days/channels. I t will save your sanity.
Translate above post for us! Anything good?

random_mommy said...

My guess is...
i love your blog, it is funny. i hate football and farts. blah blah amazing race, farts complete your tube.

c'est moi?

Emma in Canada said...

You are right about that not happening in Canada, it was on on time. Now I have to check and see if I taped it on the Canadian station or the American.

Catwoman said...

OMG Random Mommy, that's hilarious!!! I got your comment by email and was thinking "where the hell did she get the word 'fart' from that comment???"

Now I get it... For the record, "emissions" in French means show, as in TV show. Funny that the word in English means fart or escape of gas, considering that's basically what most of TV is... :)

And yeah, nothing sends me in a state of rage like the State of the Union. And when I stayed home with the Little Man, my daytime shows would be pre-empted ALL the time by Bush so he could talk about nothing like how he drank a whole glass of milk without taking a single breath.

Maybe that's not what he was talking about. It was hard to hear him over the thuds of the objects I was throwing at the TV and my screaming.

Emma, you have no idea how lucky you are to have Canadian TV!

And Anonymous? Bienvenue!

susan said...

rotflol!! farts complete your tube.

random_mommy said...

does anyone else think susan watches a lot of beavis and butthead???? i just get that vibe. it's a good vibe.