Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Like Living With a Sitcom Character

I love how funny my toddler is. If anyone had told me that the best reason to have a baby is that once they're over a year old, they'll do funny stupid stuff that cracks you up so hard, you stop breathing on a regular basis, I would have done this a long time ago.

Like the fact that Little Man loves to cover his head with tea towels. He'll do this, and look like Matthew McConaughey when he's about to cross the desert for some movie. But ever so often, Little Man will also cover up his face with the towel. And yet, oblivious to the fact that he is now blind, he will walk away, face covered, asking for furniture to stand in his way and smack him. And since I'm a horrible mother who doesn't keep an eye one her son every second of every day, he does regularly walk into things. And because I'm a horrible, horrible mother, I proceed to laugh at him, because really, it is funny. The good thing is that this causes Little Man to laugh at himself too instead of crying. I believe that I'm saving us both a lot of time with my inappropriate laughing. Plus, it prepares him for high school.

Little Man has also learned to shake his head "no" from some of his friends from school, because both his father and I believe in keeping our head immobile, like if it was caught in some invisible sliding door when we talk negative.

But Little Man, having learned it from other toddlers who don't have that great neck control, has therefore learned this bobblehead version of the universal head shaking signal. This is really funny, because unless you know him and knows what he means, you might think that maybe he's nodding his approval or following a drunk fly's landing.




jempress said...

i can just picture him with a towel over his head - too, too cute! wedo misses her boyfriend and i miss him and his mommy. when's your next day off?

Catwoman said...

Well, I'm off for a week next week, but of course, we'll be in Canada! But I'll be certain to take time off soon, ok! :) Little Man misses his girlfriends and buddies too!