Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gender Confusion

Yesterday, I was the busy little PR bee. I was so busy working and working and working, and doing all the things that PR people are supposed to do. And I did good, may I add. I did so good, that really, I've earned three months salary in one day if you ask me. Well, maybe not three months, but at least I earned my salary for yesterday.

But somewhere in the middle, I got a call from a reporter and was asked to comment about something that I'd sent him. And I did. And I did properly, thank you very much.

An hour later, his story appeared online. And in the middle it said "a spokesman for the company said..."

That would be me. I'm the spokesman.

Now, this is where I get a little confused. I sound like a screeching chihuahua when I talk. Definitely not males. And my name is clearly of the female persuasion.

And yet, neither one was convincing enough for this reporter. He looked at these two factors and thought "nope, no way, that wasn't a chick."

And now, I'm a spokesman. I need to go, I'm pretty sure I've got to fix my package or something.




random_mommy said...

who cares if you grew a penis overnight??!?! YOU WERE ON TV!!!! You're famous!

In reality, the guy is probably so macho he probably forgot about you and assumed that only a man could comment.... Pig.

susan said...
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susan said...

Shoot! I revealed your secret identity!!!!

Catwoman said...

Susan, I removed your post, so no worries! :)

And I actually wasn't on TV. I was quoted in a magazine. A nerdy magazine that doesn't have Oprah, baby pictures or celebrities in it. A magazine that none of us would read without a gun held to our heads.

A magazine who's readers' heads would have probably exploded at the idea that a woman had been quoted, because women? They don't exist in their world, they're a fantasy that can never be acquired.