Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Only One Day To Go...

Tomorrow, at exactly midnight, a bunch of money will magically appear in my bank account. This money is to thank me for showing up every day for the past two weeks and smiling and frantically taking notes while pretending I know what the hell people are talking about.

But the best part about this money, is that I am making more than Sweetie Pie right now. And this is the only reason that we are not getting divorced. Because a few days after I started my new job, Sweetie Pie found my hiding spot for the credit card bills and when he realized how far in debt we are, the only thing that kept him going is that my first six months worth of paychecks would get us back in the black.

I know that for some men, having your wife make more money than you is seen as being less of a man. I've never understood this. Who freaking cares who does what. Isn't a relationship being on a team and pooling resources? Who really cares what each figure is, what matters is the total bottom line and how many pairs of shoes at the Shoe Pavillion that bottom line will buy.

Luckily, I'm married to a real man. One that couldn't care less who makes what. Money in our relationship isn't power. And I don't see it ever becoming so. I guess the reason for that is that at different parts of our almost eight-year relationship, Sweetie Pie and I have taken turns supporting each other. I got laid off, we lived on his salary. He started a company, we lived on my salary. I got fired, we lived on his salary. And now, we're once again a dual income family, one with a crapload of debt and a high-cost daycare that Little Man hates.

But in a year, we'll be in a really good place. One where we can put money aside in savings. One where we can actually put some money down on my next vehicle.

Tomorrow, I will have money for a few hours. And then each and every one of those dollars and cents will go to people named "Visa" and "Mastercard."



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susan said...

My man would do a giant happy dance if I made more money than he did (correction - any money at all!). ;)
You and I need to learn a hobby that doesn't include spending. :)