Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm In Love With McSteamy

In the past, I've had a mild case of letting guys treat me like shit. Not bad shit, not the kind where you're beaten up and scared for your life, thank goodness, but the kind where I'd sit all dolled up on a Friday night staring at the phone, hoping the guy would call because he'd said on Tuesday that "maybe we can do something on Friday night."

Usually when he'd call, he'd invite me to come out with his friends. But I was in love with this guy, I've never faltered from that, and I still google his name ever so often to see if I can track him down, not because I want to get back together with him, I'm smarter than that now, but just because I'm hoping that he's balding and fat and no longer has that awesome soccer butt I could have bounced quarters off of. Most of all I hope he's lonely and pines for me every day.

I don't really wish him the second part. Well, maybe a little, because it's always so heartwarming when it happens in Meg Ryan movies.

Three months after being told by hot-but-treat-you-like-shit guy (HBTYLSG) that I wasn't marriage material, I met Sweetie Pie. He wasn't overly romantic by any means, still isn't, but he was never a bad guy. He still isn't. This week, he discovered that I'd racked up a crapload of debt on our credit cards. He, the financially wise one, should have left me for being so stupid. He didn't even get mad. He did take my credit cards away though, sigh.

And then I got hooked on Grey's Anatomy. I could literally drink that show if they let me. I think it would taste like the nectar of the gods that I always read about in Greek mythology and used to close my eyes when I was 11 and try to imagine exactly what that would taste like.

Grey's Anatomy is to me the perfect escape. And when the hour is over, I hold my breath for the preview of next week's episode, needing those extra 30-seconds to hold me over for a week.

I loved the show from its first episode. And then entered Dr. McSteamy. And something powerful happened. I fell in love with him. He's none of the things I want. He's an asshole and he has facial hair, another big no no for me usually. But if there's one person who can make facial hair look like the halo of an angel. It is McSteamy.

I don't know his real name and I don't want to know it. To me, he is my ultimate fantasy man. Looks great with just a towel and will treat me like crap and make me cry and love him even more.

I agree that this is messed up. I'm a 31-year old woman in a great marriage with a beautiful Baby Boy. But Dr. McSteamy, this imaginary character on TV, can stir up feelings in me that I thought I'd turned my back on when I officially became an adult and decided that I was worthy of being loved and treated properly.

But that's the great thing about TV characters: no risks of succumbing to your stupidity.




random_mommy said...

I have a somewhat unhealthy lusting after the coach on Friday Night Lights... eeek.

We all liked to be treated like shit for some reason...

susan said...

I had those lusty sensations over Justin Timberlake about 5 years ago. I thought I was over that pining for hot celebs stuff. (when I was in 5th grade, I had a poster of Jon Bon Jovi in tights with big hair that kissed everyday!) Anyway, Justin had been around for awhile and he never turned my head, but then one day I saw him in a magazine and I literally swooned! lol. We are strange ladies, and McSteamy's hot. Did you know in real life his wife is Rebecca Gayheart (icky poo! She's fugly.)?

Catwoman said...

I totally had a crush on the Friday Night Lights coach when he was on this show on CBS a long time ago called Early Edition. It was the most retarded concept, but I loved it and was deeply saddened when it was cancelled. Basically, this orange cat would show up with tomorrow's paper and this guy had to do everything he could to make sure the front page didn't actually happen. And it always ended with him getting the paper the next day that wasn't the following day's paper, but it confirmed that yup, you fixed it Buddy-o!

I have no clue why it was cancelled. But he was so cute in it.

And I could totally steal McSteamy from his real life wife. But I choose not to, since I'm not Britney Spears.

And when I was a teenager, my room was plastered with posters of hot boys who would later come out of the closet. Apparently I only used to fall for two types of men back then: Gay or Jerks.

I was totally in love with Chad Allen and when I read that he had a twin sister named Charity, I used to pretend that Charity and I were BFF and she'd introduce me to Chad and we'd fall in love and have his perfect Aryan babies because none of my brown haired green eyes genes would ruin the pot.

I was also madly in love with Doogie Howser and thought that maybe if I'd learn math and become a nurse, I could meet Neil Patrick Harris and wow him with my knowledge of medical sciences.

I'm quite disturbed. I'm literally two coffees away from being one of those disturbed fans on Extra who are in court for stalking and claim that whatever celebrity is their BFF and it's all a misunderstanding.

Catwoman said...

OK, my comment is so freaking long, it could totally be another post... :)

Emma in Canada said...

I was going to watch Friday Night Lights just to see Kyle Chandler, but not even the sexiness that is him could force me to watch a show about football for more than one episode. I did watch Early Edition just for him, and I still list Homefront as one of my all time favourite shows because he was in it. Oh, and it was a bloody good show.

I agree with the take on McSteamy.

Catwoman said...

I'm with you Emma! Can't watch a football-centric show either. I am, after all, Canadian. That's the one time a week I don't tell Sweetie Pie to pause the show so that I can watch it with him when I'm done putting Little Man to sleep. In fact, I let the baby play longer in the bath that night, since I'm no rush to get back to the TV.