Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ensuring That I Stay on Birth Control a Little Longer

For the past two days, Little Man has been sick with a cold. Now, when I have a cold, my nose will spew slime and I'll cough, and that'll be the end of it. But in a 14-month old, a cold means a fever of over 100, constant cascade of boogers, more temper tantrums than usual and a highly irrational fear of being more than an inch apart from your lovey, in his case his green stuffed frog.

I've always been big on my kids having loveys, because I had a stuffed koala bear that I slept with until I was 13. The only reason I gave up that bear is because I started regularly going to sleepovers and even though I was a dork who went to geeks' houses for these things, I still knew deep down that bringing my lovey at an age considered officially part of teenagedom would condemn me to a lifetime of ridicule and ensure that I could never run for Prime Minister of Canada.

And so when Little Man was born, as soon as it was safe for him to sleep with a stuffed animal without dying, (sounds overdramatic, but if every magazine you read told you that a blanket is the equivalent of putting a Walmart plastic bag on your baby's head and tying it around his neck with duct tape, you'd take that crap seriously too) I gave him a couple of stuffed animals. He liked them, but then he met his frog, Max.

Max was a Christmas present from one of his aunts, and it was love at first sight. Little Man could not go to sleep without that frog. He only spent one night apart from it, and he was still fairly young enough where I was able to get him to sleep with it without too much trouble.

I won't however, let him carry his frog around. I worry about him being six and carrying a ratty frog everywhere and getting punched regularly by the bigger kids while being called "sissy freak."

So the rule is that when he wakes up, we say "Bye bye Max" because Max lives in the crib.

And he's always been fine with that.

Then he started daycare. And after the first day when he took his nap there, he hung on to that frog like he was sharing vital organs with it. And the teachers, really only caring about peace and quiet in the classroom so that they may discuss the K-Fed/Britney Spears without having to scream, happily let him keep the damn frog.

And so now, the same happens at home. Wherever Little Man goes, the frog goes too. I'm fine with it right now, since he's sick, but I can assure you that the minute we need to leave the house to go anywhere else than daycare, Max will not be coming. I can't take the chance of that damn frog getting itself lost and never finding its way home.

Like his daycare teachers, I need peace and quiet if I'm expected to remain tobacco free long enough to have another child.




susan said...

Hurry and buy more of those frogs! The secret is to rotate the loveys, so they wear evenly - Brady will never know. :)

Emma in Canada said...

I must let my daughter read this post, she does not believe me when I tell her that one day she can not take a pillowcase of stuffed animals to a sleepover. It's the build a bear curse I think, allher friends have them and they actually play with them together. Strange group of kids.