Friday, October 20, 2006

Things That Make Me Want to Punch You

There's a certain etiquette when it comes to motherhood. One of the biggest ones is that if I compliment your kid and say something like "your baby is so cute!" you need to answer with something like "yes, but yours is the most gorgeous on Earth."

And you have to mean it.

Because my baby is freaking adorable. He's a two-year old's head on a 13-month old's body, making him look like an edible bobble head.

I was IM'ing someone the other day and I mentioned that the latest picture of their baby were really cute.

The response to my IM was "oh thanks."


There's the world's cutest picture of my baby on my IM screen. In it, he looks like he could be an Abercrombie & Fitch baby model if there was such a thing. He is totally bringing sexy back in the picture, and baby girls with good dexterity would totally throw their diapers at him if they saw this picture.

And all you can say is "Oh thanks????"

This is why there's so much violence in this world. Because people break the most important rule of mommyhood.

This person's card is revoked from the cool mommy club for now and forever.



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