Monday, October 23, 2006

They Said This Might Happen, But I Thought They Were Lying

Before you get pregnant, you keep hearing from people who have kids that it'll change your whole life, your life will never be the same again, and on and on and on.

Makes you think that if you like your life at all, you're better off not having kids. Because after all, change is bad, right?

But if I never changed anything, I'd still have horrid bangs, wear tapered jeans and love New Kids On The Block. So I'm thinking change isn't that bad.

Plus here's the thing about change. Maybe you're not always the one who needs to change. After all, before Sweetie Pie and I moved in together, he'd watch the O'Reilly Factor in bed every night. But now, he watches Sex and The City. He's accepted this change because ever so often, he gets laid. He didn't get laid in the O'Reilly Factor days.

So when I began to cry every time a Johnson & Johnson commercial aired (with their tagline "Having a baby changes everything" mind you), I just figured my kid would have to adapt to us.

And for the main part, he has. He's accepted that his mother is so forgetful she may have to feed him refried beans in a Mexican restaurant at only six months. He's adapted to the fact that sometimes there's no room for him on the couch because the dogs like to lay there with us.

But now, now, he's gone and tried to change my whole lifestyle. One that I've meticulously maintained for now 31 years and one month. I'm talking about my messiness.

I've carefully mastered the art of messiness. Read the Sunday paper? Don't throw it out for a couple of days. You might decide you want to read old news.

But then my son comes along and he's showing signs already of my biggest fear: he's developing into a neat freak.

I can't leave anything sitting out anymore, or else the Little Man puts it away. And where he puts things away isn't always logical. Like last week, when he decided to put the remote control, which I had put away, well, left on the couch, in a pot in the kitchen cabinet. Unable to find it anywhere, I was stuck watching the Martha Stewart show instead of the Young and the Restless.

Having a baby changes everything, particularly your television viewing habits and your right to messiness.




susan said...

NKOTB still rule! ;)

Anonymous said...

you are lucky to have a little type A man!!! go neatness!

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest the old fashioned method of getting up off the couch, walking to the T.V, and pushing the buttons up or down to watch Y&R. (Though how you can watch it I don't know. I'd take Days over that one every time.)

Catwoman said...

In my defense, our fancy schmancy new tv DOESN't have the channel changing buttons on it! And I couldn't find the power button either, which Sweetie Pie later pointed out to me is on the side of the TV. Now who the hell builds a TV like that????