Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Disturbing, Very Disturbing

So Huggies recently changed their design for their Supreme diapers. I'm not sure why they felt the old diapers were looking outdated, because really, my child is rarely in only a diaper and neither one of us really cares what's on the diaper, as long as it's not pooped that leaked out from the sides.

The new design still has Winnie-the-Pooh, which I love, because really, who wouldn't love a bear who loves honey and is friends with a stuttering pig?

What is disturbing however is the fact that they've put on the front a picture of Tigger with one hand in the air. Which makes it look like he's pointing right at the Little Man's penis.

Either that or supporting it.

I hate to throw the "M" word around, but it literally looks like Tigger is molesting my son.

Did no one at Huggies notice this when they put the newly designed diapers on a test baby, a rabbit or whatever else they use at the Huggies laboratories?



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random_mommy said...

I never trusted Tigger... he's too happy.