Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is the time of year I get giddy. Not because there are only 95 days until Christmas. Although that is very exciting and I am about 85 percent done with my holiday shopping.

What's really exciting is that the fall TV season is upon us! New episodes of yummy favorites! New shows that I will fall in love with and then will disappear without warning making me feel like the psycho girl who keeps showing up at her one night stand's door, convinced that they're meant to be forever.

Then there are the shows that I look forward to and then tune in only to become a raving 89-year old man throwing stuff at the TV set screaming about only crap making it on TV and when I was young, they didn't have stupid shows with talking buttholes.

Come to think of it, I'd love to see a show with talking buttholes. That would be so much better than being forced to watch Sunday Night, Monday Night and Whatever Other Night Football.

So far, I have fallen in love once. But the season is still oh so young... Who would have thought that when Anne Heche dropped Ellen Degeneres and acid on the same day, that she'd come back years later and make me fall in love with her?

But I worry. She's in this show called Men in Trees, the kind of title that make people go "yeah, isn't there wrestling on, or something?"

But it's the kind of show that warms my insides and makes me glad that TV exists. It's sweet and funny and sexy and filled with cute men and great characters. And it makes me happy and if the entire world doesn't begin to tune in to ABC on Friday nights at 8 p.m. Central, I will track you all down and force you to watch Fear Factor as punishment.

This year, there are more shows to watch than time slots. And this is where my brand new best friend Mr. DVR comes in. Thanks to him, I can tape one show while watching another. Then I can watch the other show while fast forwarding the commercials and condense my TV watching time so that I'm watching 4 hours of TV in three hours.

But tomorrow is my most exciting day... It's the premiere of Gray's Anatomy, the show that introduced such great words into my vocabulary as Vijayjay and McDreamy. Getting fuzzy slippers and a Willie Wonka jacket from my mother-in-law as gifts can't possibly begin to match the joy of slowly opening the gift of a new Gray's Anatomy episode.




susan said...

I was shocked by Anne Heche too!! I love Men in Trees! yay - Fall Season - I loooove you.

random_mommy said...

i read the title and just knew you were going to talk about the crisp autumn air, the leaves rustling, etc. but no. you're like me. tv is your lover.

Catwoman said...

TV is my lover... and my bitch.

susan said...

Teacher, Mother... Secret lover

Emma in Canada said...

I quite liked that Men in Trees though the whole I time I watched it I kept thinking "She's done Ellen (or vice versa)" which was sort of disturbing.