Monday, September 18, 2006

10 Reasons Why Playa' Really Rocks:

1. When you ask him "what does the doggie say", he pants instead of barking.

2. When we play with his shape sorter, he always removes the lid so that it's easier to place all the pieces in the container.

3. When he laughs too hard, he always gets the hiccups.

4. When he dances, he only moves his torso and arms, making him look like he's being electrocuted, rather than taken over by the beat.

5. His favorite foods are pasta, kiwi and dog food.

6. When he reads books to himself, he immitates me and does my intonations, but speaks in his alien language.

7. When we go to Walmart, he laughs at the greeters, like even he can't believe someone forces old people to stand there and pretend they're happy to see you.

8. When he jumps, his feet don't leave the ground, like someone crazy glued his feet to the carpet.

9. This morning, when "Play With Me Sesame" came on, he actually walked over to the TV set and hugged it.

10. He calls juice "jew," a mix between the English and French word. This shows that Playa' is not only accepting of all religions, but he thinks Jewish people are particularly sweet and thirst-quenching.




susan said...

Yum - dog food and "jew", but are they better than june bugs?

random_mommy said...

I laugh at the greeters at Wal-mart too... I like his sense of humor.

I also love my tv set to the point of physical affection. Your son rocks.

Catwoman said...

Susan, dog food definitely beats june bugs. Makes Playa's coat all shiny.

Random Mommy, I'll be hugging my TV set on Thursday when Grey's Anatomy comes on. Dr. McDreamy, how I've missed you...

susan said...

holy crap. we need to have grey's anatomy watching parties!!!!!!!!