Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Think We'll Get Running Water Next

I'm not one of those people who must have the latest thing at all times. Unless all the celebrities are doing it and it's pretty cheap. Then I feel the need for speed with the rest of you.

I still don't have a camera phone, despite getting a new phone only two months ago. I had two options for $29.99. The phone I got, a simple silver Samsung flip phone and a camera phone from another brand. My previous phone had been a Samsung, so I already had the Samsung ear bud for the car and car charger. I was not interested in having to buy another 50 bucks worth of phone crap. Besides, I have a freaking digital camera. And I'm not sure I'd ever figure out what to do with those low-quality pics in my phone.

So to this day, I'm one of the few people who'll see a celebrity do something really embarrassing and I won't be able to use my phone to make a few bucks from the tabloids. And yet, I can still sleep at night.

Ever since Sweetie Pie and I moved in together, we've been watching television the archaic way. If we were out and a show we liked was on, we were simply forced to miss that show and read a recap on TV. If one of us had an explosive diarrhea attack in the middle of a season finale, that said person would have to find out from the other what happened.

I know, a completely inhuman way to live.

And then Baby Boy came along and the only show he'd watch a few minutes of (a.k.a. more than 30 seconds) mostly comes on during his nap. Considering he spends more time napping than watching TV, I'm quite unwilling to wake him to watch his show. His other favorite show comes on during the Bold and the Beautiful. I love the kid, but between Grover yelling "NEAR!" "FAR!" for 20 minutes and seeing whether Brooke really is as slutty as I think she is, well a mother's love can only go so far. This is when I began to think that maybe, just maybe, it might be time to join the 21st Century and get a DVR.

And so this morning, a little man who spoke little English pranced through my shoe-free house with big dirty boots and gave me the gift of pausing live TV. I call that man my TV fairy. In the fairy way of not shaving for a few days and having an abrupt personality.

When I asked him how to use the gift of DVR, he simply shrugged and said "me not know. You read book."

Oh, yes TV man. I will read this manual you call book. I will savor every page of its technical writing as I enter the complex world of rewinding shows when I miss the punchline, instead of having to ask Sweetie Pie "what did they say?"

It also means I no longer have to choose between watching Project Runway and The Hills. All of my world's problems are now resolved.




random_mommy said...

it will change tv forever. you have made a good decision! but, soon you will have so much stored up you'll feel overwhelmed... like watching tv is a job. wouldn't that be a great job!?!

MartiniGal said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of DVR. Your life will never be the same. It will be even more glorious than it already is!!!