Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now It's All Starting to Make Sense...

I think I may finally understand exactly why I haven't been named Mom of the Month yet. It might have to something to do with the fact that just in the past four days, I've managed to:

1. Bunk Baby Boy on the head against the roof of my Jeep while trying to get him into his car seat.

2. Bunked Baby Boy on the forehead, showing my friend K. how he loves to be swung in front of the mirror towards his reflection. Apparently, I overswung once and Baby Boy was attacked by the baby in the mirror.

3. Sitting outside in our yard with K. and Baby Boy, I managed to sit in our huge yard in the one spot that was infested by fire ants. When I realized my arm was coated in them, I looked down to see that Baby Boy's little bare foot was also covered in fire ants. I took care of him first (maybe I should be mother of the month, those suckers can bite!), so he only got stung three times, twice on his foot, once on his thigh. But I still got him stung.

My friend K. commented that due to the fact Baby Boy didn't even cry when he got hit in the face by the mirror shows that this may be a regularly occuring situation. Which, I promise, isn't that common. He is a boy and he's tough. But he did receive a little bit of training from me on how as long as it's not bleeding, it means you're ok.

There's also of the issue of me arguing with my eight-month old baby. I will literally sit there and argue with him while he screams at me. Sometimes, I'll scream back at him, just to prove to him that it's really freaking annoying. I'm not sure I've ever read this parenting tip in any magazine or book. I may have come up with a whole new style of parenting. So future therapists, get ready. This'll need a whole new course of treatment for Baby Boy someday. Hopefully it'll involve good drugs like valium or prozac for me. Because I should get something for my traumas too.



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