Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Things that Annoy Me...

So, unless you live under a rock or are on the run, you're probably aware that taxes are due next Monday.

Sweetie Pie and I have kind of procrastinated on this, even though we're thinking we're going to get a buttload of money back this year. Not the kind of buttload like celebrities get and then blow on 50,000 pairs of shoes or another private jet, the kind of buttload that for us peons means that we might be able to go out to eat cheap Mexican food.

Anyway, with the deadline looming, I called to make an appointment with one of the tax preparations places this year, since with selling a house, buying a house and having two businesses, a lot of medical bills and a brand new baby, we figured we'd either miss some deductions or just screw up massively and have the IRS take away our dogs and Baby boy as punishment.

Our appointment with this place was supposed to be tomorrow morning. That is until the woman who was supposed to do our taxes (who I didn't know, I was only told her name when I made the appointment) called me and left me a message asking if she could reschedule it. Apparently, she's behind on other people's returns and she's got a doctor's appointment.

Let me break this excuse up and analyze each piece for you.

1. She's behind on other people's returns. To which the bitch in me wants to respond "not my fucking problem." It's called stay late and get the work done. If I have a lot of work and Baby Boy to handle, never do I tell my clients "hey, I'm behind on my other clients' work, so you're going to have to wait." I just get it done once Baby Boy's asleep and miss the Real World.

2. A freaking doctor's appointment???? Are you kidding me right now? This is tax week baby! Can't your freaking appointment wait another week? That's like Santa Claus taking a personal day on December 24th or the Easter Bunny going to rehab this week. You're needed now! Your personal issues are not my problem.

I might not be so bitchy about this if it wasn't for the person who's supposed to be smarter than me in math sounded like a pregnant 15-year old high school drop out white trash girl who's been hit in the head a few too many times by her headboard. Literally, I have never received a message from someone who sounded this white trash. And this is coming from someone who was once told that her husband is kind of white trash.

There are many things that I'm fine with having handled by white trash. My taxes ain't one of them. Especially from someone who feels the need to have her hangnails checked out the week my taxes are due.

Enough to say, I turned around, called another company and am having them do my taxes tomorrow. I'm just glad I was able to get an appointment and escape someone who would ask me if I've ever gotten gemstones put on fake nails, because those are so cute, especially if you get them put on in your favorite Nascar driver's initials.

The second thing that annoys me is Web sites like blogger.com who require you to write a password in letters that are splayed crooked to comment on other people's sites. I have this function turned on my blog too, since those damn spammers are everywhere now. But do they need to be so crooked that you can't read them? It always takes me three or four tries to get the password right, making me feel like I'm either illiterate or dyslexic, which last I checked, I was neither although pregnancy has been known to cause crazy things.



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