Sunday, April 30, 2006

Love & Hate

Things I Love:

- The extra crispy McDonald's fries, the ones that when you bite into them reward you with a little happy squirt of pure oily goodness.
- Thinking you've eaten all your McDonald's fries and then finding the one or two that fell out of the fry container and are awaiting you at the bottom of the bag. It's like getting an unexpected gift you actually want on Christmas morning.
- Baby Boy's sheer look of glee when I laugh at something he does, that it makes me want to laugh at everything he does, just to encourage him.
- I just ate a turkey breast from an animal that was shot dead by my husband exactly 28 hours ago. Never would I, an ex-vegetarian, ever have thought I'd ever utter (or write) those words if you'd asked me even 8 years ago.

Things That I Hate:
- Not having been picked mom of the month by the stupid fitness class instructor of Baby Boy and mine's workout class. It pisses me off royally.
- Feeling crummy for being pissed off at not being chosen, because my best friend in the class (we've known each other a month, I get attached easily) was chosen instead of me. She's a great mom and looks like Cameron Diaz and goes to more classes than I do. But I've been going longer and it should be my turn. Plus I am not a shitty mom. Not that I need a stupid Mom of the Month sign in front of my house to convince me of that.
- OK, I'm adding to the list the fact that I do need a freaking Mom of the Month sign in front of my house to feel like a good mother. Because Baby Boy's beating the crap out of my breasts like they're a drum set isn't proof enough for my shallow ass.
- The fact that I have to get into a bathing suit in exactly 6 days.
- That I ate McDonald's twice this weekend, completely eliminating any chance of dropping 10 pounds in the next 6 days to look half decent in said bathing suit.



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