Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Laughing Contests

The best way to make Baby Boy laugh is by laughing yourself. He and I will sit there, laughing at each other for minutes on end until he gets the hiccups and has to put a sudden end to the contest, admitting that in his seven months on Earth, he has yet to develop the lung capacity of my 30 year-old body. Although all that screaming is ensuring that he's catching up to me awful fast.

My favorite parts of the day are when I lay Baby Boy down in his crib for his naps or bedtime. I lay him down on his back after giving him a kiss and he rolls over, gives his frog a hug and goes to sleep. It's so sweet to watch and so nice that after months of fighting with him to take naps and to go to bed, that he goes down so easily. And I love to be one of those moms who brags about her baby going right to sleep and sleeping 11 hours at night. The biggest reason I love to brag about it is that I thought I'd never be one of those moms. I thought that I would have an 18 year-old who still slept in my bed and woke me up every two hours, demanding to be fed.

And then there's the fact that Baby Boy is currently teaching himself to wave. I'll catch him sitting on the floor on his quilt surrounded by his toys, opening and closing his hand in front of his face, with a look of deep concentration furrowing his little brow.

It makes me want to run out and buy him every Elmo ever invented, just to remind him that I'd do anything for him, give him a kidney, or even bow to the evil of the red muppet.



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