Monday, March 13, 2006

Perfect Day

Friday, I had a gazillion things to do: voice mails to return, clients I'd been ignoring to speak to so they don't pull their business from me, press releases to write, and a gazillion other work things to do.

But Baby Boy has changed so much during the past couple of weeks, and during that time, our relationship has changed. Before, I loved him because he was my baby and I'd made him and he was 50 percent of me. But during the last two weeks, he has grown into this cool little funny dude who squeals and chatters in this martian sounding language and who makes me laugh harder than anything on TV ever could. And I decided right there and then that I would play hookie and just spend the day enjoying him.

And so I sat with him on the floor and we played all sorts of silly games and laughed and just grinned stupidly at each other. And then I took him to the park and let him enjoy the other kids and sit in the sun for the first time of his life while I slathered him in SPF 60 sunscreen. And then I carried his 17 an a half pound butt around in his baby carrier until my back ached and a hernia was threatening to form.

I loved absolutely every second of it and as we were driving home and he was passed out cold from missing his early afternoon nap, I realized that I finally truly enjoyed being a mother and that I've actually become pretty good at it. I don't think I really knew what to do with a young infant. They cry, they can't fend for themselves and when they don't sleep like mine did, you're overtired, cranky and you just don't know how the hell to keep entertaining someone who only sees blurry shapes and black and white shades.

But now, my blob of flesh has turned into someone who's squeals make me laugh, who'll grin at the dogs when they lick his toes and who will throw himself against my chest in an attempt to show me his love in his baby hug way.

I knew right then that not only would I keep making hardly any money to stay at home with him, I want to give him a few siblings because I can honestly say that motherhood is the greatest thing I've ever done with my life. And Friday was the first time that truly sunk in.



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