Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, As Long as There's Wine

I have started a new diet. I am now about 21 hours into my new diet. Yup, still going strong. If you don't count those two chocolates I just ate. But those were my reward for being so good for 21 hours.

My new diet is called the Mediterranean diet. I did it because Ediets doesn't do The Zone diet anymore, because I guess the Zone is totally old school and passe now and if I am to be cool (an hopefully thinner), then I must keep up with the trends.

The reason I chose the Mediterranean diet, is that it promised that I could have a glass of wine with every dinner. Now I don't typically have a glass of wine every night, but now that I've been told that I must if I'm going to have the thighs of a supermodel, then damn it, I will drinketh the wine, and I will be happy.

I figure the reason this diet works is that the wine makes you happy, since you're not allowed a lot of calories, so it goes straight to your head, making you forget that you're starving.

Actually, I'm totally lying right now. I am allowed so much food on this diet, that literally I have not been hungry once in 21 hours. Even when I ate the chocolates, I wasn't hungry per say, I just really wanted to feel their sensual naked selves on my tongue and let the melting hotness coat my throat and take me to my very happy place.

Now that I'm back from having a third chocolate, I need to add that the Trim Spa did not prevent me from overindulging during the holidays. This may be because I simply satisfied myself with bringing the Trim Spa in my suitcase, but never actually bothered popping a single one. But I think it's because the Trim Spa hid away from all of the loads of yummy food that I ate. There's only so much one little red pill can do really.

OK, I just got back from eating my fourth chocolate. Damn those bitches are addictive. Must be stronger than fancy schmacy chocolates in gold box.

I wonder if I lost any weight yet...



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