Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tawdry, Tawdry Stuff...

I just wanted to share that I just ordered this.

I love that Lakeside, the catalogue that sells more great crap than anyone else is now selling risque stuff! They also have a French Maid costume. I find it particularly funny that my order included the candy bra, a Fisher Price tub side organizer/knee and elbow rest and a dryer lint cleaner. Talk about your one-stop shopping!

So great news peeps, I've lost a total of 0.5 pounds on my diet so far. I'm guessing that eating all the chocolate that was in my house was the reason I managed to lose all that weight. Yup, I'm pretty sure that half a pound is already helping my pants feel looser and my bras no longer make me look like I have four boobs. I wonder if the candy bra will make me look like I have four boobs. That would be pretty cool, like "yup, I have four boobs, but look! They're covered in candy!!!!"



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