Monday, January 16, 2006

$12K is a Little Steep

So I've started putting our tax stuff together, because I'm looking forward to Sweetie Pie doing our taxes because I'm thinking we're going to get a tax return equivalent to many thousands of Frostees this year. Which is quite the change from last year, where the IRS owed us a total of one dollar. I'm not making that up. I'm pretty sure the government sent us a roll of pennies, just to really laugh at us.

I printed out my own W2, which was rather funny to me, because it's like, ok, how much did I make, enter that, and here you go... A W2. It still cracks me up in many ways that I'm my own boss and responsible for all that tax stuff. If you've ever tried to figure out any of that stuff for yourself by going to the IRS Web site, I commend you. Now let me say, that I had to do it pregnant, during a particularly hormonal time. This led me to many a times throw myself on my bed and sob hysterically, telling Sweetie Pie that I just couldn't understand any of it and the IRS was going to send me to jail. Sweetie Pie would then call his accountant grandfather, who would tell him the answer to my problem and then would kindly, out of the goodness of his heart, send me a bill for a hundred dollars in the mail for said advice, which would lead me to sob that I was only paying myself minimum wage and now, I couldn't even pay myself that thanks to this heartless bastard of a grandfather-in-law of mine.

Anyway, I did the math on all of our healthcare spending and although I realized last night that I forgot to add the large bottle of Advil I bought at Sam's in December (I'm pretty sure Trim Spa does not count as a healthcare expense, so I didn't count that), we're still at over 12,000 dollars in healthcare spending for the year 2005. Now this to me is both alarming and highly funny.

I could have bought two Kias for the amount of money we spent. Now, I'm not saying that I'd actually want two Kias, but it would be nice to think that I've got so much money to throw around that I could actually walk into the Kia dealership, drop down all of my credit cards and say "I'll take two."

But I'm excited at the prospect that we'll get some of this money back and potentially make a dent big enough in the credit cards for us to charge our summer trip to France.

Yeah, this is how good I am with money. I pay off the cards just enough so I can charge them up again. And then I wonder why I get between four to six credit card applications a day.



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