Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The World's Greatest Bottom Lip

I've just spent the past 10 minutes staring at baby boy's bottom lip. If you are single or married without kids and ever wondered what the hell stay-at-home moms do all day, this would be it. We sit in front of our computers dreading writing the most boring press release ever and choosing to hold our fussing baby instead and staring at the one feature of his that came from you and proves that giant growing belly I had for nine months was not caused by my love of tortilla chips dipped in sour cream.

Baby boy looks exactly like his dad which is a good thing really, because Sweetie Pie, if not better looking than me (which I think he is) is at leasr more photogenic than me.

But that bottom lip, larger than that top lip is all me. The way it qivers after a good cry. The way it drops down to a pout at the first hint of not getting his way. And the way it reaches his earlobes when he smiles because he just farted. All these things make me look at him and say "holy shit! I've actually procreated..."

My boobs are about an inch lower than they were less than a year ago, but it's all worth it.



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