Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm Pessimistic and Argumentative...

Which really just sucks.

In his book "What Flavor Is Your Personality?" Dr. Alan Hirsch,
neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research
Foundation in Chicago, outlines the key personality traits associated
with liking a particular type of ice cream. Here's what your favorite
scoop (and mine) says about you:

Vanilla: Ambitious, impulsive and colorful with a busy schedule
Chocolate: Charming, engaging, creative and attention-seeking
Butter Pecan: Orderly, fiscally conservative and ethical with a strong
competitive drive
Banana: Laid-back and generous
Strawberry: Shy, detail-oriented and self-critical
Chocolate Chip: Successful, generous and competitive
Rocky Road: Interesting, charming and professionally goal-driven
Mint Chocolate Chip: Pessimistic with an argumentative streak
Coffee: Lively and flirtatious, but often stretched too thin

At first, when I saw vanilla, I'm like, yup, vanilla's my favorite. And then I saw chocolate and thought, well I love chocolate even more, and I am charming and creative, although I'm not certain about attention-seeking. Shut up, I can play coy.

But then I got to mint chocolate chip, which truly is my favorite and my stomach dropped. This is bull****. All of them say really nice things about people, except for my flavor. Obviously the supposed Dr. Hirsh hates mint chocolate chip. Or even worse, his cheating bitch of an ex-wife who slept with his brother, cousin, father as well the mailman and pool boy loved mint chocolate chip and ate it all the time and his feelings for her are coming out in this retarded quiz of his.

I hate stupid quizzes that make me look bad. Stupid quiz on Monday morning... Now I'm really feeling down. Way to go stupid Dr. Hirsh.



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