Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wow, Atrophy Is Cool

I just realized last night that I must have used up a maximum of 10.2 calories all day. Ever since I've been unemployed, I haven't had a reason to go very far. But yesterday, I think I beat all records. I only went from the couch to the computer twice in the entire day. I was very conservative with my energy. Rather than foolishly go from couch to computer and sit at each one for no more than 10 minutes, instead, I grouped my "work" at each station, so that I only had to do the long 20-foot trek twice.

I looked on the can of Pringles and it states that there are more than 10.2 calories in an entire can, so I think the odds of me losing 22 pounds because of yesterday are pretty slim.

Today is going to be a crazy fitness day though. After I'm done with this blog entry, I will be walking all the way to the shower. And then, I'm actually going to blow dry my hair and straighten it. Then, I'm going to walk all the way to my Jeep and drive myself to Kinko's to make copies of the newsletter I made for Sweetie Pie's company. Then, I'm going to drive all the way to the mall and walk to Zales. Just because I'm feeling drunk from all these upcoming efforts, I might not even illegally park in a handicapped spot, just to force myself to walk more.

Yup, today will be the day that will turn my life around, I can feel it!

Damn. I just realized that The Young & The Restless comes on it 20 minutes. I don't have time to do all of this in time for my soap! Maybe I should just call the whole thing off.

On another note, I've noticed something very cool today. Sweetie Pie has been very antsy for the past few days. I just thought it might be some male itch thing like they always talk about on television and thought it was none of my business to ask. Well, ends up that Sweetie Pie is concerned about money. I'm not sure why considering that I made a whole whopping $400 income in freelance work last month, which pays for almost half of our mortgage. But apparently he is.

And here's the funny part (well, I shouldn't have said that, because it's not ACTUALLY funny, so now I've oversold it and you're expecting to burst out loud laughing, or at least giggle a little). We're actually ok financially. We've got a little savings and what I make in freelance work and what Sweetie Pie is now making from his company is enough to pay our bills, eat low-cost foods from Kroger and even eat out at Steak & Shake once a month.

But this is funny to me, because I used to be the one who'd freak about money when I was the one who had a salary and Sweetie Pie brought in a mere $500 a month. And Sweetie Pie used to tell me all the time "don't worry, we're fine! We have enough money." And I used to want to break his neck so he'd stop saying that. And that way, I might also get the money from his very small life insurance policy and not need to feed him anymore.

And now that I'm the one not pulling my weight in salary, I've become the little chick who thinks the sky is falling (I know I got that kids' story all screwed up, but you get what I'm saying).

If only couples could switch roles all the time. Like maybe Sweetie Pie could be the one who gets PMS and cries for no reason about once a month. And then maybe sometimes he could be the one who spends hours cooking a dinner while I sit there watching TV and when it's done and he asks me how it is, I'd just answer "it's ok." Of course, then that means that he'd be the one who shops and spends too much money while I get mad. Which that just doesn't sound like very much fun to me.



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