Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm Turning Into Will Ferrell

Anyone who's ever seen Old School will remember the scene where Will Ferrell is at the first frat party and one of the kids offer him a beer bong. "Oh, I can't," says Will's character. "I'm not drinking. I have a busy day tomorrow." When the kids ask him what he'll be doing, he answers "Well, first we're going to go to Home Depot to look at flooring and maybe find a new rug, and then, if there's any time left, maybe go to Bed Bath & Beyond."

Well, I've turned into Will Ferrell, because literally, our busy day yesterday revolved around picking flooring at Home Depot. Sweetie Pie's parents have decided to give us a VERY generous gift certificate to Texas' home improvement warehouse so that we could rip out our nasty carpet which has been harboring illegal germs for five years now (it was inherited from the previous homeowners) and replace it with hardwood floors. Well, since we're low budget, laminates that LOOK like hardwood floors. And so after searching and searching, we ended up at The Home Depot's Floor Store in Plano which I highly recommend for anyone looking to replace some flooring and decided we really liked one particular color and pattern.

But here's the thing with flooring. Just because it looks nice in the brightly store with no hairballs and matching furniture doesn't mean it will look good in our house. Well, the great thing about The Floor Store is that they let you take out a one square inch piece sample with a deposit of 30 dollars. Which is really ironic to me, considering that the flooring costs less than three dollars a square foot to buy, but the deposit on a microscopic sample is 10 times as much.

So we took our sample home and laid it in different parts of the house. We put it up against the armoire. Looks good there. We put it next to the recliners, yup it'll work there. We put it under the coffee table where it promptly disappeared and we thought we'd lost it, yup it looks good there as well. And so, just like that, we'd found our floor. Of course, I have to say I'd be lying if the idea that our real floor will be 1,000 times bigger than that little sample and so it may not look as good.

But the thing with flooring is that you have to commit to it and just hope that it works out in the end.

I remember when we decided to get the tile for our kitchen. We brought one tile home and (after bringing home five other tiles) thought, yup, this'll look good. And then I remember coming home that first day when the guy had laid the tile on the mortar and needed to come back the next day to grout. There was our tile with dark grey mortar in between them and it looked horrid. And I thought to myself "Oh God, this was a huge mistake." Sweetie Pie asked me what I thought and I said "Looks great!" Because the way I looked at it, at this point we were commited.

And then I came home the next night and the grout was done and it looked unbelievable! It looked so good I must have stared at that floor for two hours straight. On that night, it couldn't have mattered less what was on TV, because I was in love with that floor.

So hopefully our laminate flooring will be my next great love story. I just wish they called laminate flooring something better. Hardwood floor has such a great sound to it. And then laminate, even though it looks just like hardwood floor and most people can't tell the difference just sounds white trash.

But what can you do? We're on a budget!

Today's big project: Getting a new lamp for the entryway! Whoo-hoo! Excitement!!!!

And then people wonder why if I have a few too many drinks in me I'm willing to yell "let's go streaking!!!!" When you have home improvement excitement like this in your life, you can't help but develop a wild side.



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