Saturday, September 25, 2004

Did Ya Miss Me?

All two of you who might have read this blog regularly must have thought I got hit by the mail truck as I did my one physical activity of the day, which is, get the mail.

But truth be known, the reason that I haven't blogged in a week is that it began with me being way too busy and then getting to the end of the day and being way too tired. If you think that installing glue-down flooring is easy, well, I would have liked for you to have spent a week at my house. Imagine being covered in glue from head to toe to the point you're convinced your hand will just rip off from your wrist and stay stuck to the next board you touch. Imagine being hunched over for hours. Imagine rubbing your knees raw on the concrete you are laying the floor on, despite wearing jeans. And imagine having your feet look like they've been dipped in a bucket of concrete and allowed to dry and think that you may never be able to get all that glue off of you.

We were so beat every night. Let me tell you, absolutely no insomnia on the days/nights we worked on the flooring. Now all we have left is to seal it, which I'm supposed to do the first half of the room today. I feel like doing that about as much as I feel like walking into a wild pack of dogs after being sprayed with cat urine. But our living room is disaster Central right now. And considering that I'm hosting 6 girls next week, well, I guess it just needs to be done.

Plus, it looks like next week is going to actually be busy for me. I've learned that the best thing besides good friends is good friends who take you on as a charity case but convince you that you'd be doing THEM a favor if you did the "favor." I've got one good friend D. who's going to have me staff the flu clinics that she would normally do for very good pay if you ask me, since all I have to do is greet people and smile. Two things that I kind of do for free everyday anyway. Well, at least on those days I'm not PMSing. The days I'm PMSing, I think I expect to be paid to be nice to people. So it works out that I actually will be. And then another friend, A., her boss needs a PR freelancer, which wouldn't you know it, I am! So she has already gotten me to do a couple of hours of work for her this week and I have a meeting with her on Monday to go pitch a new big consumer account on Tuesday and then I've got more work for her to do on Wednesday. The funny thing is that the day the call came in that she needed my help, I was looking at job postings at thinking that even though I'd rather work at another store, since The Disney Store had openings, maybe it wouldn't be THAT bad to hear "It's a Small World After All" eight hours a day. Although the Web site did seem to allude that I'd be replacing the last person who went on a killing spree humming the tune.

But now, no Disney Store job necessary, since I'll have more work than I know what to do with until at least Thanksgiving.

The big reason that I didn't write last week is because I couldn't think of anything to write. I had blogger's block. And I just didn't want to write something really laim up there when I really had nothing to say. So I figured "I'll just write tomorrow." But then the next day, I'd pull up the blogger Web site and same thing: white space. By day four, I stopped going to the site altogether to avoid that horrible feeling.

Maybe I need to get out of the house more so that I actually have material...


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