Friday, August 20, 2004

Why Are We Fighting????

Marriage is such a funny thing. You're trekking along, when all of a sudden a fight erupts and only one of you knows you're in a fight.

Last night, I was suffering with a really bad bout of insomnia. Sweetie Pie had to get up at 5 a.m. to go do some inspections to make us some extra money and we were up past 11 watching the Olympics. When the Carly Patterson won the gold, we turned off the TV and I just laid there, wide awake, like if it was 11 a.m. instead of p.m.

Instead of tossing and turning for two hours, I got up maybe ten minutes later to play games online and try to wear myself out, instead of keeping poor Sweetie Pie up.

One thing led to another and I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 3 a.m.

Next thing I know, Sweetie Pie comes in to the living room a little after 5 p.m. and says in a not kidding tone "so you don't even want to sleep with me now?" Confused and groggy, I got up, grabbed my pillow and went to bed.

Next thing I know, I wake up, it's 7 a.m. and Sweetie Pie is gone. No goodbye kiss, no "I'll see you later," nothing.

And I was like "why in the world is he taking this so badly?"

Well, he just came waltzing in and gave me a look and I'm like "why are you mad at me?" And he launches into a pitiful speech about how he doesn't understand why his wife doesn't want to share a bed with him anymore.

He thought I was mad at him. In his mind, we went to bed and I got up 30 seconds later "in a huff."

When I asked him what in the world I had to be mad at him for, he answered "who knows, you get mad at me for nothing all the time."

Point taken. So for any of you newlyweds out there, from now on, should you be suffering from insomnia, the proper etiquette is to keep your partner awake until they finally beg you to leave the room. Attempting to prevent this situation will only make the person supporting you after you get fired from your job very angry.

Ah the intricacies of married relations.



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