Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Very Random (and scary) Thought

I think I've mentioned on this blog before how I am currently off any birth control, since Sweetie Pie and I's plan was to begin trying in September or October. Of course, that was before we read in the tea leaves that I would be kicked to the door by people who don't appreciate my fondness for kookiness.

Anyway, I've just calculated my menstrual cycle (cue to my male readers squirming at this line) and it looks like I'll be ovulating the night of our two-year anniversary.

Which is either the best timing ever. Or the worst timing ever. Is getting pregnant two weeks after you get fired from your job a good idea? I would say probably not.

And so now, it looks like back to high school for us, with condoms or calling fooling around "sex."

Oh the fun of life. Does it ever end?



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