Thursday, August 05, 2004

Obladi, Oblada, Life Goes On.... Ha! Lalalala Life Goes On

I think that in the end, I am highly overpaid for my blogging. I mean let's face it. I hate my job (yes, again). So that means that I just cower in my cubicle and just make myself as unnoticed as possible and do the minimum amount of work necessary to not get fired (although, lately, I haven't even been doing that). And so I spend a good amount of my day blogging (hey, you've seen how long those posts are! It takes me at least half an hour to 45 minutes to write them). And then of course, I have to read all of my friends' blogs. And then of course I have to obsessively check my Yahoo account for any new spam or emails. And then of course, I have to check my balance of my AA miles to see if I magically got anymore.

So really, as much as I bitch to all of you about how much I hate my work and a good portion of the people here, at the end of the day, I'm making pretty good money that keeps a roof over our heads, and I get to do all of the online stuff I need to.

My latest online addiction? U Promise.

"U Promise?" you ask. "What the heck is that?" Simple my friends. In exchange for buying certain products at the grocery store and buying stuff online from certain companies, I'm rewarded with a couple of cents to put towards our future children's college tuition.

So far my future children already have $12 saved up. At this rate, they'll have enough to buy one gas tank to go to Texas A&M and boy will they be thrilled.

So why exactly do I have a U Promise account when I don't have children yet? Simply because I can. Of course, the U Promise site has a permanent reminder on my log in page telling me that I need to let them know who I'm saving for. Which always cracks me up, since I don't even know who I'm saving for. It could be Madeleine or Caitlin. Or Cade or Cooper. And the thing is, I don't know when they'll be born. If all things work out as planned, then it'll be next summer. But if we have trouble conceiving, it could be two years. The thing is that none of the things in this paragraph fit in the little form on the U Promise Web site.

I've always loved collecting things. From matchbooks, to erasers, to stickers, to PEZ dispensers, to cats (live ones, thank you very much), there's not much I haven't collected at some point in my life.

But now, the new obsession is any kind of points. Frequent flyer miles? I'm obsessed! I managed to qualify for gold status with American Airlines, a level that really doesn't seem to mean anything except that I now have a shiny gold card with my name on it that boosts my ego a couple of notches every time I see it. And now, as 2004's end draws to a close, it's becoming apparent that I will not qualify for gold status again next year. And that idea makes me weep. Evil people in my circle have tried to encourage me to buy a first-class ticket to Thailand, which would put me way over the 25,000 miles I need. But the guaranteed ensuing divorce makes me reconsider that idea.

And so I'm slowly learning to accept that starting January 2005, I will once again become just another American Advantage card holder. I wonder if I'm supposed to mail back the shiny gold card. I would like to still have it in my wallet to look at ever so often when it feels like my life has no purpose. And when I'll look at it, I'll remember how once upon a time, I was someone.



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