Friday, August 13, 2004

My Favorite Day of the Month

Today is my favorite day of the month, because it's the mid-month pay period. And while it's nice to get paid twice a month, the end of the month pay day always seems like it's not my money. Most of our bills are due then: the mortgage, the electricity (in hot Texas weather there have been times where the amount due at the bottom simply said "your first born), the gas and a bunch of other stuff that I can't think of right now. Anyway, that's not the point. My point is that once everything is paid off, that you remove the money we need for groceries, that leaves us with a few dollars for Blockbuster and a fancy dinner at Steak & Shake.

But the pay check on the 15th is different. Sure my car payment falls during that time, and that I actually have MORE bills to pay during that pay period, the point is that they're all much smaller, so that we actually have some fun money in there.

And the best thing about fun money is not using it for fun, it's when you get to use it to pay credit card debt, which means you're paying stuff off that you probably no longer have. FUN!!!!

I used to live vicariously through a middle-class person by charging up my credit cards when I was 21 or 22. Heck, who am I kidding, from the time I was 19 and came back from Spain with no money, I started charging up my credit cards. I still remember the first time I maxed out my first Visa. Sigh... Memories...

It was Boxing Day, that famous Canadian holiday after Christmas which is just an excuse to get an extra day off to recuperate from the holiday festivities of the day before if your company is too cheap to give you the whole week off. To really celebrate boxing day, you have to squeeze yourself into a mall that can only have a capacity of 5,000 people, but today is holding the entire city's population. If you're in Toronto, that's 4 million people (any Toronto readers, if I've got this key demographic detail wrong, get over it, this blog's never been about accuracy). If you're in Ottawa, then you're luckier, because that only means 500,000 people (Ottawa readers, see Toronto note).

And here's the kicker: all the stores deeply discount all of the crap that no one would buy as a Christmas gift for someone else! It's AWESOME!!!!

I think Sweetie Pie and I were guilty last year of buying Christmas gifts for his family on Boxing Day. But the way I see it, what difference does it make? We more or less KNEW what we wanted to get them (some less, I admit it...), so why not see if it's a little cheaper right before we return, and get another discount thanks to the Canadian dollar.

So anyway, today is pay day and just to make things a little better, I will be getting bonus checks from my extra gig. I'm actually hoping that we may be able to pay the rest of the credit card off this month, or have a tiny little left next month. That way, we can start saving money, so that I can quit my job without any worries. I know, I know... I should just get another job. You people all suck.



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